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Karin van Mierlo is a pro photographer with 25+ years of experience in family, documentary, travel, and street photography. She is the driving force behind Photography Playground and loves to write about all things photography related. She teaches aspiring photographers to photograph their world as it FEELS like – not as it looks like.

Latest Posts By Karin van Mierlo

4 months ago

5 Super Helpful Tips for Photographing Your Grandkids

Photographing children is one of the more challenging topics in learning photography. But you’re in luck. Children are one of my favourite subjects to photograph, and so I have a lot of experience. That’s why I’d love to share a few tips…

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6 months ago

5 Easy Tips for Taking Better Pictures with Your Smartphone

Smartphone photography is often associated with quick and easy snapping away. That’s because you can just walk around, point at something, click – and there’s your photo! I’d like to take a different approach to smartphone…

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10 months ago

5 Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

Travelling is one of the greater joys in life. The pictures we take during our trips are oftentimes the only tangible memories we have of that unique experience. Knowing a little more than how to push the button can make those tangible memories a joy…

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1 year ago

Need a New Hobby? 5 Best Tips for Beginning Photographers

Most beginner photography articles on the web start with complicated drawings of the exposure triangle and intricate explanations of white balance. I think that’s the perfect way to take the fun right out of learning photography because it focuses…

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1 year ago

Creating Tangible Memories: Make a Photo Album in 5 Simple Steps

In this digital day and age, we seem to be printing fewer and fewer photos because they are ‘safely’ tucked away on our computers. I think that’s a pity because there’s nothing like the tactile experience of holding a photo in our hands…

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2 years ago

5 Mindful Photography Ideas to Get You in a State of Flow

Mindfulness is about slowing down, being fully present in the moment, and receiving that moment. The exact same words apply to the process of making photographs. For me, to photograph is to be fully present in the moment…

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