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Kathleen Porter has traveled the world conducting research on the innate human skeletal design. She has written books on natural posture for adults and children, taught workshops, created an online course, and today, at the age of 73, has recently launched a podcast called AlignNOW. She can be contacted by way of her website at

Latest Posts By Kathleen Porter

4 months ago

Your Pelvis Sets the Stage (Literally) for a Healthy Upright Spine at Any Age (Simple Exercises!)

It’s rare to find people in our society, especially past a certain age, who sit or stand with a fully-elongated, upright spine. In fact, chronic rounding of the spine…

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5 months ago

How I Found My New Passion by Facing Pain, Fear and Change

I lay in the dark, kept awake by the throbbing ache in my right hip. Exhausted from a long day, I begrudgingly got out of bed. I rolled out my yoga mat in the living room and lay down on my back…

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