Healthy aging expert Kay Van Norman is the President of Brilliant Aging. She serves on international boards, speaks and consults around the world, and has an extensive list of publications. Her Vitality Portfolio® model for lifelong health will be featured in a book by author Jack Canfield. Visit her at

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5 years ago

Wellness Spotlight: Are You Happy with Your Physical and Social Well-being?

My first article for Sixty and Me described the Vitality Portfolio® approach that helps build health/well-being in the same way you might use a financial portfolio to build financial well-being. Namely, it helps you make a (vitality) plan, balance (vitality) assets and make regular deposits. Read More

6 years ago

Are You Being Ageist… to Yourself? Here’s How it Affects How Others View You

Recently, a colleague and I were discussing the impact of personal ageism on older adult health beliefs, and behaviors. We also talked about the way ageism impacts how older adults are viewed by others…

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6 years ago

4 Ways to Power Up Your Brain Health After 60

It’s always made me wonder why things we’ve been doing our entire lives seem to take on a new meaning after a certain age. Read More