Healthy aging expert Kay Van Norman is the President of Brilliant Aging. She serves on international boards, speaks and consults around the world, and has an extensive list of publications. Her Vitality Portfolio® model for lifelong health will be featured in a book by author Jack Canfield. Visit her at

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4 days ago

Begin a Lasting Commitment to Brain Health

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions and know from experience that it’s one thing to intend to do something and quite another to actually commit to a specific action or outcome.
Take brain health for example…

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2 months ago

Holiday Connections or Conflict – Delve into the Spirit with a Care Culture of Well-Being

“It’s so difficult to find the right gifts for loved-ones because what we really want for the holidays – connection, hope, faith, joy, wonder, magic – can’t be found on the shelves or on-line…”

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3 months ago

Do You Celebrate Your Successes After 60? If Not, It’s Time to Reconsider!

How much time do you spend lamenting steps taken – or not taken – as you navigate life in the decades past 60? On the other end of the spectrum, how much time do you spend celebrating your successes?

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6 months ago

How to Re-Boot Your Well-Being After a Health Set-Back in the 7th Decade

One of the best pieces of advice I can offer to support lifelong health is, “don’t let a health set-back become a new health set-point.” Healthy habits aren’t just a one-time choice. They’re a series of small choices made day after day, week after week…

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7 months ago

What’s Your Vitality Plan for Your 60s and Beyond?

Building financial security and staying healthy are consistently listed as top aging concerns for adults over 55. Most of us know that creating a financial portfolio is important. But what about your vitality? Do you have a plan?

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9 months ago

Need Balance in Your Life? Check Your Wellness Wheel!

To draw your wellness wheel start with six pages, each having one dimension at the top and a vertical line down the middle with Deposits on one side and Withdrawals on the other. Using the brief overviews below, list “deposits” supporting well-being…

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10 months ago

Ageism in Healthcare Can Impact Your Quality of Life

Is ageism coloring your choices and behaviors? Does it also impact the healthcare you receive? Attitudes, expectations, and beliefs about aging can impact both personal and healthcare choices for the better or worse…

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11 months ago

Small Choices Can Tip the Wellness Scale

It’s March, and by now you’re either hitting your stride as you move towards your New Year’s goals or have stumbled into the ditch along the way. If you’re a little off track – so what? Just like focusing on recovering fully from a health setback, it’s important…

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1 year ago

Joyful Living on Your New Year’s Resolutions? First Consider Your Emotional Residue

If you made New Year’s resolutions this year, was one of them to experience more joy? Take a moment to consider your resolutions. Whether a list of “always there” goals or brand-new ideas for positive change, chances are the desire for a more joyful…

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1 year ago

Preventing a Health Setback from Becoming a New Health Set-Point

Like so many people around the world, my husband and I battled Covid for several weeks. We’re both healthy with no pre-existing conditions except being over 65, but it was a tough couple of weeks when we both ended up with pneumonia as well…

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