Dr. Lorraine inspires her patients to take charge of their own health to help them reap the benefits of better health for the fullest duration of their lives. Visit her website at https://www.goldcoastchiro.com/ to learn more about her philosophy of how perseverance and well-informed decisions can transform your life.

Latest Posts By Lorraine Melendez

9 months ago

The Best of Times or the Worst of Times

For some, the times have never been better, and for many the times have never been worse. The stress of living through a global pandemic with all its fallout, namely political, family, relationship and health care philosophy divisions…

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10 months ago

Will Your Health Span Match Your Lifespan? How Not to Outlive Your Health

As we round the corner of 60 years of age, the question of retirement looms large. Have I saved enough? How’s my 401K? How much will Social Security provide? I need to call my financial planner. For many, our past preparation and planning for that eventual…

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11 months ago

3 Natural Practices to Make You a ‘Least Vulnerable’ Person

Summer is here and we all want to know how to spend these precious days doing as much as possible for our health. What simple steps can we do, to not only survive but to thrive during these challenging times? Become one of the least vulnerable persons…

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1 year ago

Sensational at 60 or Surviving at 60?

One recurring theme I discuss with many of my patients is the seriousness and/or deadliness of stress on the human body. Today stress has never been more prevalent and widespread since going through and coming out of a Global Pandemic…

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