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Will Your Health Span Match Your Lifespan? How Not to Outlive Your Health

By Lorraine Melendez September 28, 2022 Health and Fitness

As we round the corner of 60 years of age, the question of retirement looms large. Have I saved enough? How’s my 401K? How much will Social Security provide? I need to call my financial planner. For many, our past preparation and planning for that eventual day will be put to the test: Will I outlive my savings, and will I be able to keep the standard of living I’ve hoped for?

As these, all too familiar questions of monies have been asked or thought of before, the most important questions may have been overlooked.

  • How much health and vitality have you stored up and saved?
  • Have your past or present health habits promoted longevity with vitality?
  • Have you consulted with health promoting professionals to assure your health success?
  • Will you outlive your health, and will your standard of living be one of health and function instead of sickness and disease?
  • What can you do today that gives you the greatest opportunity to assure your health span matches your lifespan?

Start by adopting the principles and practices of The 100 Year Lifestyle. Adopting a style of living that recognizes that you will probably live longer than anticipated and thus taking steps to leverage that potential longevity with health, vitality and function instead of settling for ill health, sickness, disability and untimely demise. Adopt the principles and practice of FitNESS, The 100 Year Lifestyle way.


Many of us have some idea of what healthy eating may be. Let’s start by drinking more water. As a matter of fact, try drinking half your body weight times 1oz. every day. Remember, an aging spine is a dehydrated spine, drink up.

Feed your liver with multiple, daily servings of organic green leafy and colorful vegetables. Try raw vegetable juicing, either at home or at or local juice bar, powerful tonics to revitalize your organs of elimination and help your liver detoxify and burn fat instead of storing it in all the wrong places.

Make sure you include clean proteins like organic eggs, chicken, turkey and grass-fed beef. Eliminate hidden vegetable oils commonly found in baked and processed foods. Use olive oil on your salads and a little grass-fed butter or coconut oil if needed for cooking.

Make sure you supplement with plenty of quality Omega 3 fatty acids found in cold water fish oil and or Krill oil. Use fresh fruits as your desert and maybe a piece of dark chocolate as your reward. A great question to ask oneself before you partake: Does this food promote tissue healing? Start with the 80-20 rule, 80% clean, 20% earned delicacy.


Protect and promote the health of your brain. Your brain is made up of 75 percent water by weight and 60% fat by composition so remember to drink more water and take your fish oil to counter cognitive decline.

Scientists used to think we couldn’t grow new neurons or brain cells as we aged, but it turns out they were wrong. This process is called neurogenesis and is promoted by certain forms of exercise, foods, and nutritional supplements.

In addition, to have optimal cognitive health and performance you must have good cerebral circulation of blood flow and cerebral spinal fluid flow. Research shows that improper spinal alignment, poor posture and a restricted, stiff spine can severely compromise fluid flow to one’s brain, contributing to cognitive and whole-body health decline.

Research has noted that 90% of nutrition of the brain occurs from motion of the spine below. The good news is there is help to be had with a 100 Year Lifestyle Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in predictable posture and spinal correction at any age. Do go the distance with vitality and function, you must have healthy spine and nervous system.


Endurance is achieved with regular exercise like walking, swimming and/or biking. Sports like tennis, pickle ball or Stand Up Paddling are great cardiovascular exercises and fun too. Remember to have heart health and brain health, it’s all about good blood flow so keep moving.


When you lose your strength, you lose your independence. We lose muscle faster as we age, especially with inactivity. It’s imperative that you incorporate regular weight bearing exercise like weight training to build and keep lean muscle mass as you age. Participate in body weight and core strengthening exercises as well such as Pilates, yoga or band workouts. Seek out a skilled trainer to get going safely in the right direction.


Your brain and spinal cord are the only systems in your body that are encased in bone, so vital because they control the function of every organ and system in your body. Research shows that postural distortions like forward head posture, hyper-kyphosis, rolled shoulders and the dreaded hunch, are not only cosmetically unappealing, but can detrimentally affect the health of the heart, lungs and digestive tract.

Increased cardiovascular disease, lowered lung capacity and faulty bowel health have all been linked to posture and spinal distortions. Remember, structure controls function.

It’s never too late to start, preparation is power to perform. Start storing up your health and vitality savings for the future. Adopt these new health habits that will help you leverage your longevity with health. Seek out a dedicated 100 Year Lifestyle Doctor of Chiropractic to guide you into transformational health, giving you the greatest opportunity for your health span to match your lifespan.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you think your health span may be compromised because of bad habits? Which bad habits have influenced your health? Are you still maintaining them? Which healthy habits are you prepared to embrace?

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Ann Le Veille

It’s never too late to include weight bearing exercise to your daily routine. Loss of muscle mass is natural due to inactivity and the aging process. You can counter that with safe weight training and I believe everyone should incorporate this to avoid problems associated with lost muscle mass.
I am a personal trainer specializing in the over 60 population and have seen first hand how well the your body will respond to safe resistance training!

The Author

Dr. Lorraine inspires her patients to take charge of their own health to help them reap the benefits of better health for the fullest duration of their lives. Visit her website at to learn more about her philosophy of how perseverance and well-informed decisions can transform your life.

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