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Maeve O’Byrne is an entrepreneur, coach and facilitator. She is passionate about helping women through change in their personal life and in their careers. She studies our adaptation to the gift of longevity and is determined to alter the perception of ageism and change the conversation from negative to positive. Visit her website here

Latest Posts By Maeve O'Byrne

9 months ago

8 Ways to Get Organized for Life and Death

Recently, a client was telling me she’d had some bad health news. Thankfully, on further tests and following check-ups the news wasn’t so bad, but, it began a conversation on what she had learned. We discussed the possible situation of having…

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10 months ago

Everyone Else Is Taken! The Power of Being Yourself After 60

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. I have this quote on a pillow at my entryway, it’s a great way to remind myself that I need to be true to me. I should not be ‘doing’ what others expect me to, unless it’s what I want to do!

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2 years ago

4 Dangers of Being a Single Introvert in Your 60s

Being an aging single introvert, I find that I am now more confident in recognizing and stating my need to be alone. At the same time, when I’m in a social setting, I’m also more confident than I used to be – maybe because I have had the time to recharge…

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3 years ago

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Volunteering in Your 60s

I worked in non-profit organizations (NGO’s) for over three decades and, for the most part, enjoyed the time spent with the volunteers that came in to help. I believe that anyone who provides their time and intelligence to an NGO, without financial…

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