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Malcolm Dewey is a professional artist and writer. He is passionate about painting in oils and watercolor. Malcolm loves landscape painting. He teaches painting to artists of all levels. Working online on his website and in personal lessons Malcolm helps other artists paint better with structured painting lessons. His Facebook page can be found here.

Latest Posts By Malcolm Dewey

2 years ago

Get Started with Oil Painting for Beginners and Reconnect with Your Creative Side

So you want to start painting? I am delighted with your decision, because painting is one of the most rewarding pastimes available to us. No doubt you have some time available and want a relaxing hobby? Painting will do that for you…

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3 years ago

Are These 2 Painting Problems Preventing Your Art from Standing Out?

Perhaps you have been painting for a few years. If you have discovered an affinity for painting, you are probably working at improving your painting, too. It stands to reason that you want to level up your skills to better express yourself…

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5 years ago

4 Tips for More Precious Moments Creating Art with Your Grandchildren

The funny thing about being a full-time artist is that you think everyone else is creating art too. At least planning to anyway. Fortunately, there are responsible people doing the jobs that we artists try to avoid. Read More

6 years ago

Want to Start Painting After 60? Try Acrylics First!

Are you looking forward to reconnecting with your creative side after 60? You know that this is healthy and will do wonders to smooth out the edges of the past few years. Decades even. One favorite option is painting, but before you begin you need to make a critical choice. What medium will work best? Read More

6 years ago

Why Simplicity in Your Art and Life Matters After 60

Do you find yourself caught up in to-do lists that never end? Do you see problems all the time? Stress over little details and find drama in every situation? Read More

7 years ago

How to Paint Expressive and Realistic Paintings

Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too. Many painting enthusiasts in my classes want to paint realistic works. Perhaps this comes from photography where a sharp picture is appreciated. Read More

7 years ago

How to Break Though Creative Block and Start Painting After 60

There is one excellent reason for trying a creative workshop. There are others of course, but this one beats them all. Know what it is? Read More

7 years ago

Travel and Painting: A Beautiful Way to See the World After Retirement

You may have set travel as one of your retirement goals already. No doubt we have heard many express, “When I retire I want to travel more.”
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7 years ago

Why Life After 60 is the Perfect Time to Start Painting

A few years ago I was looking after a gallery exhibition. Sometimes artists have to share this duty for joint exhibitions and this was my turn.

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