Mary Lou Harris is a proponent of active living, community volunteerism and inquisitive travel. After a post age 60 retirement from a career in public service, she expanded those interests to include ultra-trail running, hiking and extended-stay travel. She can be contacted through her website or on Twitter at @stillarunner.

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3 years ago

Get More from Travel After 60 with Vacation Study or Topic Tour

There are a number of ways older adults can benefit from the warmth of the Caribbean Islands as well as those in the Pacific. Read More

3 years ago

7 Important Tips to Help You Respect Your Time in Retirement (Check Out #5)

After numerous requests to take on a major volunteer project, and after declining several times, I ultimately said “Yes.” That ‘yes’ resulted, for the better part of a year, in much more of my time than I had anticipated. Read More

3 years ago

How Taking Part in a Track Competition Is a Metaphor for Life After 60

As a distance runner, the track world was a mystery to me. A recent experience, my first track meet competition, was daunting and something I approached with apprehension. Read More

4 years ago

5 Suggestions for Planning a Road Trip or Vacation with Siblings

A suggestion from my wise older brother resulted in spending several days traveling with our other siblings. On the second day of our travels, it occurred to me that this was the longest space of time I had spent with several sisters and brothers since my late teens. Read More

4 years ago

What Watching the Royal Wedding Taught Me About Finding Serenity in Solitude

Like many who are not close watchers of all things royal, I did make an exception and watched the recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I planned to watch for the pageantry, to admire the hats and to see the royal family and the finely-dressed A-list guests. Read More

4 years ago

3 Exciting Senior Games That Prove Athletic Competition is Not Just for Kids

Do you yearn for more physical activity in your life – perhaps a sport from your youth? You may have a secret passion for something you have not yet tried. We still have opportunities, so why not explore them? Read More

4 years ago

Be Responsible… Then Go Out and Play!

I feel great that I am still learning from friends. A recent talk with one of my more responsible friends could apply to most of us over 60, so please allow me to share our exchange with you. Read More

4 years ago

Don’t Let the “What If’s” of Traveling Solo Hold You Back!

Traveling solo can be an enriching and affirming experience. It can also be filled with worry and anxiety if we let self-doubt cloud our journey.

Take on the ‘what if’s’ by planning ahead and putting yourself in charge of the resolutions to possible problems. Consider worst case scenarios and mentally problem solve in advance. Read More