Dr. Michael MacDonald is a clinical psychologist and avid hockey player. He is a big fan of RoomtoRead.org and similar charities which promote education and gender equality for girls in low-income countries. Send for a Free ebook, How to Feel Younger in Your Retirement Years, from his website, http://www.awarmheart.ca/.

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3 weeks ago

Michael J. Fox Has a New Superpower and You Can Too

Who can forget the cool energetic guy on the “flying” skateboard – the star of the hugely successful film, Back to the Future? It’s Michael J. Fox, of course, playing the main character, Marty McFly…

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4 months ago

How to Live a Creative Life Even If You Are “Not Creative”

When you think of being creative do you start to feel a little freer? Or do you quickly freeze up with frustration or self-doubt? I would like to help you to loosen up with a few practical ideas from people who know a few things about what creativity really is…

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6 months ago

7 Simple Truths to Help You Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic or long-term pain is surprisingly common. Research has shown that more North Americans are affected by chronic pain than by diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Some common and painful illnesses, such as arthritis…

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7 months ago

How to Live an Extraordinary Life at Any Age

What does living an extraordinary life mean to you? World travel? Sky diving? Writing a best-selling novel? These life experiences and accomplishments are exciting. But what about all of the life in between these peak experiences? Don’t we want each day to be extraordinary?

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9 months ago

Does Stress Cause Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is long-term pain, lasting more than six months, for which there is no cure. How long-term pain affects people’s lives can be very complicated. But the essence of chronic pain is quite simple – pain, long-term, no cure…

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10 months ago

Kindness and Courage from Melinda French Gates

If you had billions of dollars, how would you use that money to make our world a better place? Who would you help first? How would you make that happen? How would you make sure that your donations were not wasted?

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12 months ago

How to Keep Up in a Fast-Changing World

Many people, of all ages, feel that our fast-changing world is leaving them behind. And this is especially true when it comes to technology, computer skills and social media. Before we begin to discuss solutions, though, I have a confession…

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