Dr. Michael MacDonald is a clinical psychologist and avid hockey player. He is a big fan of RoomtoRead.org and similar charities which promote education and gender equality for girls in low-income countries. Send for a Free ebook, How to Feel Younger in Your Retirement Years, from his website, http://www.awarmheart.ca/.

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4 weeks ago

Does Stress Cause Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is long-term pain, lasting more than six months, for which there is no cure. How long-term pain affects people’s lives can be very complicated. But the essence of chronic pain is quite simple – pain, long-term, no cure…

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2 months ago

Kindness and Courage from Melinda French Gates

If you had billions of dollars, how would you use that money to make our world a better place? Who would you help first? How would you make that happen? How would you make sure that your donations were not wasted?

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3 months ago

How to Keep Up in a Fast-Changing World

Many people, of all ages, feel that our fast-changing world is leaving them behind. And this is especially true when it comes to technology, computer skills and social media. Before we begin to discuss solutions, though, I have a confession…

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