Michelle Kerr Spry is an educator and a married mother of three and the Founder and President of The Echo Collective. She is determined to develop a new generation of dynamic women. Her drive comes from her personal motto, “I have never believed that I can’t, so I only know that I can.”

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3 weeks ago

What Would You Replace First?

If you lost your home and everything that you own, through a natural disaster or a physical disaster like a fire or flood, what would you replace first? I’m not kidding, think about it! Of course, the devastation would be tremendous, but you have to move forward…

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11 months ago

What Is the Upside of Downsizing?

We all hear about downsizing as we enter our “Golden Years,” and it’s like swear words, but should you consider it? This is an interesting question, right? So, let’s take a moment to explore all the nuances of “downsizing”…

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1 year ago

How to Fill the Nest After Empty Nesting

With your children gone, who are you now? So many women believe their identity is firmly wrapped around being a mother. I, too, am a woman of a certain age – proud to say I am fabulously 56! I’ve been married for almost 32 years…

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