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Peter Bennett is a professional photo organizer and consultant, and the owner of Fotoflow Solutions. After a successful career as a professional photographer and photo agency owner, Peter now helps others manage their digital and print photo collections and organize their family histories. Please visit him at

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7 months ago

Arranging Family Photos in Your Senior Years Can Bring a New Perspective and Purpose to Your Life

For most of my life, I looked at family photos as most others did – they were little snippets of time. I would pick up a few envelopes of prints and flip through the 20 or 36 photos inside, still safely ensconced in their designated sleeve right next to their…

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8 months ago

Have You Become the Designated Family Photo Historian?

Becoming the family photo historian can come about in different ways: you may have volunteered for the position, or, like me, you may have had it thrust upon you. Either way, dealing with the responsibility and logistics of it all can be somewhat overwhelming…

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1 year ago

Preparing to Scan Your Old Photo Collection? Get Ready to Spend Some Time!

People ask me all the time about the best way to scan their old prints. If you have taken on the role of family photo historian, you will need to do some scanning at some point. You may still have boxes of loose prints…

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2 years ago

How to Become a Guru in Downsizing Your 6+ Decades’ Worth of Photos

A friend of mine used to say, “Why do today what can easily be put off until tomorrow?” Downsizing a substantial photo collection can definitely be one of those things that can easily get started tomorrow, or the day after…

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4 years ago

Let’s Make Better Pictures This Holiday Season

Taking better pictures isn’t just about learning some neat tips and tricks to improve your skills. It’s also about being inspired to take better photos. As a photo instructor, my job is to do both: I show my students how to work their cameras better…

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