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Peter Keers is a writer and video blogger focusing on topics for the over-50 audience. Defining himself as a curious seeker, Peter’s interests range across both the art and the science of living an authentic and fulfilling life in the 21st century. See Peter’s eBooks on travel, long-term care, Medicare and other topics at

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2 weeks ago

Second Home: What Type Is Right for You?

One thing to remember for all second home types is the “double up” situation. This means the homeowner has the responsibility of ownership for two homes. Whether it’s do-it-yourself or hired out, there is more effort to maintaining two homes…

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1 month ago

Second Homes: A Big Decision

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the popularity of second homes jumped due to low mortgage interest rates and the surge in working remotely. Higher rates have dampened the mortgage market, but the interest in second homes continues as people…

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2 months ago

Moving to a New Home Later in Life: Adjusting to Your New Home

Throughout the prior installments of this Sixty and Me blog series, I’ve covered the many facets of deciding to move later in life and how to prepare. Once you’ve moved, how do you adjust to your new living quarters and community?

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3 months ago

Moving to New Home Later in Life: Preparing to Move

Moving after age 50 differs from your younger days when you could recruit a friend with a pickup truck and pay with pizza and beer. Moving later in life presents a more significant logistical challenge. For one thing, you probably have more stuff…

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3 months ago

Moving to a New Home Later in Life: Senior Living Options

As noted in an earlier Sixty and Me blog in this series, your health status may be the deciding factor in the location for your next move. After getting input from trusted medical professionals and your family, think about what you’ll need in a living situation…

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5 months ago

Moving to New Home Later in Life: Things to Consider

No matter how far you move, much work is involved. However, the further you move, the greater the effort in terms of cost, time and stress. Moving close to your current home allows you to keep some of your established patterns…

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7 months ago

Moving to a New Home Later in Life: Deciding to Stay or Go

As I mentioned in the first blog of this series, moving to a new home later in life could be motivated by several things: health status, retirement, an empty nest, living costs, lifestyle choices. Among these, a health condition might force you…

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10 months ago

Moving to New Home Later in Life: Thinking It Through

We all come to a stage in life when we ponder the possibility of moving to a new home. However, before committing to such a big step, consider what is driving this idea. How many of us, during our working years, have dreamed of living…

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11 months ago

All About Medicare Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage

Although Medicare debuted in 1965, prescription drugs were not covered until 2003 when Medicare Part D was rolled out. Here are a few things to know before you decide if you need a Part D plan, and if so, how to choose a plan…

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1 year ago

Medicare Advantage Plans – All in One Solutions?

For some of us age 65 or older, Original Medicare (Part A and Part B ) plus supplemental Medigap insurance provides all the healthcare coverage we need. However, others may want more benefits found in Medicare Advantage plans which technically…

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