Rachel Lankester is the founder of the Mutton Club http://www.themuttonclub.com, an online magazine for fun and feisty women in midlife and beyond. She’s passionate about challenging stereotypes and changing perceptions of older women. She loves yoga, singing, running, travel and anything to do with China. Join her on Twitter @TheMuttonClub.

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5 years ago

Feeling Lost in Your 60s? Here Are 8 Tips to Get Back on Track

Do you ever feel a bit lost? Are there days when you lose your sparkle and question who you are and what you’re doing? Do you sometimes feel irrelevant and that you don’t have much to look forward to? It’s so easy sometimes to get stuck in a negative spiral, isn’t it? Read More

5 years ago

Celebrating the Beauty that Comes with Age

Recently I’ve found myself in the company of women I consider to be beautiful. But when I tell them how beautiful they are – usually when they’re moaning about their looks – I’m met with wry smiles and disbelieving eyes. Read More

5 years ago

98-Year-Old Yogi Proves that Yoga for Seniors is Both Powerful and Beautiful

I’ve never been much of a fan girl. I had a mild crush on David Soul back in the day. Remember him from Starsky and Hutch? My father paid for me and my mum to go and hear him sing at the Birmingham Hippodrome. What a dish he was! But I never had pictures of pop stars up in my room like all my friends did. I was a more serious teen!
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