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4 weeks ago

What Is the Pelvic Floor and Why Should You Care? (VIDEO)

There’s been a lot of talk about the pelvic floor and how it weakens with age. Exercise has been said to help, but is that really the case? The pelvic floor is a group of muscles within the pelvis. These muscles act like a hard-working team to hold…

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2 months ago

What Is Joyful Movement and How Can You Accomplish It?

How do we find enjoyment in our daily workouts? What movement sessions are best? Is higher intensity movement better than more gentle modalities? These questions are often asked in classes. In truth, higher intensity movement…

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2 months ago

Mature Age Fitness – A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started (VIDEO)

Think you are too old to move and work out? There are some definite biological differences between your 20s, 50s and 70s and of course your life is different. You may have more responsibilities and less time for yourself…

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3 months ago

3 Ways to Practice Body Awareness and Prevent Falls (video)

We develop body awareness in all stages of life, but unfortunately, we lose some of it as we age. In our later years, being able to understand and develop this awareness of where our body is in space can help with falls prevention, hand-eye coordination…

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4 months ago

The Importance of Good Reflexes and Reaction Times as We Get Older

Reflexes defend the body before you even realise the problem on a conscious level. They happen faster than a reaction to stimuli. For instance, if you don’t know something is hot and touch it, a reflex action kicks in, and you withdraw your hand…

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5 months ago

Brain Health and Aging: How Are They Related? (VIDEO)

The brain is a fascinating and mysterious part of the human anatomy. There is still much we don’t know about how the brain functions in its many varied ways. We lose brain cells as we age, and the dilemma of dementia and Alzheimer’s is increasing, worldwide…

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6 months ago

7 Ways to Help Yourself Deal with Stress

Do you shove stressful feelings deep inside to deal with another day? Perhaps you bury yourself in work, or you compartmentalise stressful thoughts and lock them away in your mind? Do you behave in a destructive manner towards inanimate objects…

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8 months ago

What Are Your Gluteal Muscles and Why Are They Important for a Strong Body?

As well as causing muscle wastage, sitting for extended periods of time can be a huge drain on your overall health and wellbeing. Type 2 diabetes, bone wastage, and mental health issues are amongst some of the other side effects…

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9 months ago

Morning Mindfulness Ritual – Do You Have One?

I was listening to a podcast where the participants discussed lifestyle medicine in the 3rd age, and how what we do in our daily routine can either inhibit or enrich our life and health. This had a profound effect on me…

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11 months ago

Do You Exercise with Weight Loss in Mind?

People exercise for various reasons. Some do it to feel good. For others, the purpose is bone strength or flexibility. Quality of life, weight loss, and building social connections are also among the most common reasons…

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