Riley Gibson is president of Silvernest, an online homesharing service that pairs boomers, retirees, empty nesters and others with compatible housemates. Riley is passionate about creating housing solutions for the future that enhance financial wellness and facilitate social connections for those over 50. Visit him at and or by visiting his LinkedIn profile below.

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4 weeks ago

Why It’s Time to Flip the Narrative from Independence to Interdependence

Each July, we Americans dedicate time to celebrating our independence, and perhaps this year more so than others after we’ve endured various stages of isolation and lockdown amid the pandemic. The 4th is a time to revel in the notion…

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2 months ago

5 Surprising Benefits of Homesharing

A couple months back, I had an enlightening conversation with Melanie, a 63-year-old in central California who had decided to give homesharing a try. Melanie had an interesting account of her path to homesharing. She explained to me that she’d been working…

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3 months ago

Homesharing Can Be a Financial and Social Lifeline – Here’s How to Do It Smartly Amid Covid-19

On top of upending the nation’s health system, the pandemic has had reverberating effects on where and how people live. This is particularly true among older adults, who rightfully have heightened health concerns and are reluctant to enter into – or remain in – retirement communities and assisted-living facilities where the spread of Covid-19 is […]

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