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Sally Dowling has had a long and exciting career in the travel industry and now enjoys freelance travel writing and guest blogging. She is a regular contributor to, a popular travel and review website for the over 50’s. Sally likes to seek out lesser known areas of popular destinations and to stay in small family run hotels. Please check out Sally's website here

Latest Posts By Sally Dowling

8 years ago

Staying Connected After 60 – Have Text Messages Killed the Call?

Do you remember the song, “We Don’t Talk Anymore?”

It was written back in the 1970s, long before mobile phones had become a part of our lives.

How many of us recall the days when you picked up the phone and dialed your best friend, sister or Mother for a long gossipy chat? Usually, you curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea or coffee. Or, perhaps you had a glass of wine or a gin and tonic close to hand. Read More

8 years ago

No Matter Your Age, Don’t Forget the Power of a Smile

It’s funny the things you start to realise, as you get older.

I have been told I am a smiler, complete with a one sided dimple. Over the years, a sunny smile has gotten me through some difficult times and challenging situations; and yet I am only just beginning to appreciate the power of a genuine smile. Read More

8 years ago

Exploring the Fabulous Tradition of Afternoon Tea

Today, wherever you happen to be in the world, you can usually find somewhere offering English Afternoon Tea between 3-5 pm. Here is a small selection of very special places for tea across the U.K. If you live in the U.K., why not treat yourself this week? If not, I hope that you will sample this fantastic tradition on your next trip to this side of the pond…

Read More
8 years ago

I’m Living the Dream – In a Static Caravan

As a 60-something-year-old travel writer, I have been lucky enough to stay in top hotels, cosy B&B’s and, on occasion, beautifully appointed self-catering accommodation. But, camping and caravanning have certainly not been on my agenda. Read More