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3 years ago

Is Buying a Home After 55 a Good Idea?

Retirement is an exciting time for us independent adults with its endless possibilities for travel, entertainment, and new friendships. But when it comes time to decide where to live during those later years, it’s important to take all options…

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7 years ago

Is a Senior Living Referral Agent Right for Me?

Deciding where to live during retirement is a major life milestone that should be approached with the utmost care and consideration. Read More

8 years ago

Top 5 Reasons to Consider an Assisted Living Home Vacation

A short-term stay in an assisted living home can feel like a relaxing vacation for an aging loved one. With housekeeping, meal preparation, and entertainment all taken care of, your loved one can focus on things they enjoy. Things like making new friends or participating in scheduled activities.

There are many reasons to consider an assisted living vacation for an older loved one. Here are the top five: Read More

8 years ago

Questions You Should Ask When Visiting an Assisted Living Facility

The search for the right assisted living facility can be daunting for families who are new to the process. There are a variety of options available in every size and location imaginable. It can, therefore, be difficult to know what traits to look for in a senior housing community. Read More

8 years ago

Exploring the Fun Side of Senior Living – Cultural, Lifestyle and Learning Activities

The stigma of nursing homes (and senior living facilities, more generally) is gradually ebbing away. People are no longer satisfied with moving into a community that provides only the basic level of care. Read More

8 years ago

5 Things You Need to Know About Post-Acute Care as a Caregiver

The hospital can be a frightening place for seniors and their caregivers.

Whether you’re there for a scheduled surgery or an emergency situation, as a caregiver you want to ensure that your loved one gets started on the road to a quick recovery. Read More

8 years ago

3 Tips to Kick-Start Your Senior Housing Search

Research states that approximately 12-million Americans will need long-term care by the year 2020. In addition, 68% percent of individuals over the age of 65 will eventually develop some form of cognitive impairment or need assistance completing at least two activities of daily living such as dressing, showering and eating. Read More