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Top 5 Reasons to Consider an Assisted Living Home Vacation

By July 25, 2016 Caregiving

A short-term stay in an assisted living home can feel like a relaxing vacation for an aging loved one. With housekeeping, meal preparation, and entertainment all taken care of, your loved one can focus on things they enjoy. Things like making new friends or participating in scheduled activities.

There are many reasons to consider an assisted living vacation for an older loved one. Here are the top five:

Post-acute Respite Care

Sometimes seniors end up in the hospital due to complicated health reasons such as heart attack or stroke. For family caregivers, it can be difficult to know how to care for someone with high post-acute care needs.

In these situations, assisted living acts as a bridge between hospital at home. It provides 24-hour support from highly trained staff and transportation to and from medical appointments. It even offers physical rehabilitation classes.

Families often choose this respite option for 1-4 weeks. This is while their loved one regains strength and prepares to transition home. This can also give the family time to set up a more long-term care plan.

Home Safety Modifications

Living at home can become more dangerous as we get older. Tripping hazards such as loose electrical cords, rugs, and stairs make falls more likely. When injury occurs, it is essential that you make plans to install home safety modifications such as grab bars, chair lifts, and fall monitoring systems. These are designed to keep your loved one safe. The noise and inconvenience of these renovations can be frustrating for those who are living at home.

During this time, families often turn to assisted living communities to provide a safe, comfortable vacation setting while the home undergoes important safety modifications.

“Try It Before You Buy It”

Many families try out a short-term stay in an assisted living community. It provides a way of figuring out if it is the right fit for their loved one. After a week or two, your loved one should have a good sense of the community culture and care services provided. With a short-term stay, there is no obligation to sign on for other services. There is also the opportunity for a smooth transition should your loved one decide they want to stay.

You’re Going Away

If you’re going away on a business trip or vacation, you will need someone to provide the care needed to support an aging loved one. An assisted living community offers the ideal setting to support your loved one’s needs. With a short-term stay, you can rest assured that your loved one has access to all of the care services and amenities they need to remain happy, healthy and engaged while you are away.

Socialization Opportunities

Seniors who live alone often feel isolated. Assisted living communities provide a welcoming environment where they can meet new friends. It allows a way for them engage in planned activities. Community activity schedules are updated regularly to ensure that all residents are enjoying themselves.

Guest lecturers and guest artists are often brought in to teach classes. Planned day trips make it easy for seniors to engage with the greater community. Ice cream socials, movie nights and holiday parties are a wonderful setting to mingle and have fun. There are so many opportunities for socialization! A short-term stay in assisted living will feel like a joyful sojourn from your loved one’s daily life.

There are many reasons are for booking an assisted living vacation. This short-term stay will give you peace of mind that your loved one is taken care of. It will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a supportive residential community while you are away or unable to provide care.

Would you consider an assisted living home vacation for a loved one? Why or why not? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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