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Sheri Saxe is a psychotherapist with a focus on helping women to accept and integrate their painful experiences and blossom into new life. This is called radical acceptance. She has a passion for wilderness backpacking, meditation, and being a grandmother. She is the founder of the blog Seasoned Women Over Sixty

Latest Posts By Sheri Saxe

5 years ago

4 Ways We Can Infuse Our Lives with Purpose After 60

Our life’s worth. Value. Purpose. Maybe that conjures images of grandeur, of heroism, of large impact. But I know the worth of a life can also be found in quiet ways, small moments, simple gestures. Read More

6 years ago

How to Identify and Embrace Your Inner Goddesses After 50

I am a typical earth mother – nurturing, a good listener, a therapist and a caregiver. In contrast, my close friend marches on Washington, travels to third world countries to fight for the preservation of environment and has tied herself to a tree to protest corporate greed Read More

7 years ago

6 Ways to Manage Life’s Ups and Downs After 60

As the Buddhists say, “pain and pleasure, praise and blame, loss and gain are the natural waves of being human.” Just sitting quietly in a wicker rocker in the sunshine, I am pulled up and down by text messages, phone calls and the fluctuations in my own mind. Read More