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Suzi Grant is a qualified nutritionist, broadcaster & author of three health books. She also conducts workshops and gives lectures internationally on ageing. Her most recent book, Alternative Ageing, provides sound advice on ageing healthily and naturally and her recently spawned blog at offers regular articles, recipes and inspiration for anyone who wants to be fit, funky and fabulous in their 60s and beyond!

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2 years ago

How to Stay Healthy on Holiday, One Delicious Bite at a Time

Apart from a tan and presents for our grandchildren, there are two things most of us want to avoid bringing home after a holiday abroad: a stomach upset or excess baggage around our tummies! Whether you are going to India or Spain, there are a few things you can do to avoid both, and come back healthier, whether you’re traveling for months or just a couple of weeks. How to avoid illness while traveling?

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3 years ago

Intermittent Fasting and the 5:2 Diet Made Easy for Women Over 60

As a nutritionist and blogger at Alternative Ageing, I am a keen fan of fasting. So when the 5:2 diet hit the headlines a couple of years ago, I happily embraced this form of intermittent fasting for the sake of my health as well as my waistline…

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8 years ago

It’s Festival Season! Why Not Embrace a Hippie Lifestyle Again?

Every summer, the largest green field festival in the world is held in Glastonbury, a small town in the UK. 170,000 people enjoy several days of mud, music and mayhem! Read More