Thea Banjac helps women with auto-immune conditions lose weight, rebalance their bodies, and regain control of their health so they can live without debilitating symptoms. She combines functional medicine lab testing with personalized wellness protocols to target root cause contributors of each client’s unique auto-immune condition. Sign up for a free consultation at

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18 hours ago

Use These 4 Protein Tips for Healthy Muscle Mass

You have probably heard that gaining and maintaining muscle mass is important as you age. In case that hasn’t sunk in yet, I am here to remind you once again… maintaining your muscle mass is absolutely crucial if you want to age gracefully…

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1 month ago

5 Easy but Crucial Practices for Women with Auto-Immune Disease to Implement Immediately

Despite what you have been told by your doctor, or perhaps what you have seen with friends or family, the diagnosis of an auto-immune condition is not a life sentence. An auto-immune diagnosis does not automatically subject you to a lifetime…

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