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Valarie Cascadden has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology. She works with individuals, couples and families on relationship issues. Valarie's special passion is working with people of the Baby Boom generation to help them wring the most "juice" out of their living experience. Visit her blogs at and

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9 months ago

“But I Thought We Were Friends” – Good Boundaries Make for Good Relationships

I’ll bet you’ve heard this plea a number of times in your life. In fact, I bet that you’ve heard it recently, even though you are in the “senior” part of your life. Of course, not everyone uses these exact words. But, have you heard something close to one…

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2 years ago

How Curiosity Can Supercharge Your Life After 60

Sometimes, depending on someone’s culture or upbringing, curiosity can take on a negative meaning, such as being intrusive. It can also, however, be seen as a positive trait, meaning awareness, observance or seeking new information. With all the advice…

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3 years ago

How to Enjoy Your Adult Children After 60

When do our children become adults? And do how we as moms adjust the way we relate to these now-tall people who share our DNA? There are a lot of people who object to the term “adult children.” So what do we call them to be both…

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4 years ago

3 Ways Women Need to Rethink Online Dating Over 60

A long time ago, marriages commonly occurred when two people grew up together in a small town and got to know each other over time. Read More