Verla, RN, MHSc, is a happily aging boomer with chronic diseases. At, Verla shares research on spending time close to trees. Join Verla to get your science backed Tree Air Action Plan, inspirational outside audio, video updates, and membership in the private Facebook group, Ditch Inside for Outside.

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2 months ago

Eternally Fractal: The Real Connection Between Tree Branches, Wrinkles, and Geometry

Have you ever looked at your wrinkles in a magnifying mirror? Have you noticed they’re a rather complex network of teeny tiny lines that branch off into even smaller ridges? Have wondered why complex figures fascinate our minds so much?

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4 months ago

Be Nice to Yourself: Go Outside at 60 and Beyond

Do you need to feel better? What can you do about that right now? You don’t have to wait for your next vacation or the weekend. Invite yourself outside to sit on a bench in the park for a few minutes or for a short stroll…

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7 months ago

4 Unexpected Tips for Living Longer with Chronic Disease: I Want Trees, Please

We all know that we are not going to live forever. But when we enter our 60s, the harsh reality of our own expiration date hits home. The good news is that if you are 67 years old and have no chronic diseases, you can expect to live…

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11 months ago

Why Nordic Walking Is a Wonderful Activity at 60 and Beyond

Nordic Walking is walking with poles. It was invented in Norway when cross country skiers wanted to train in the off-season. And it took off. Now it is not uncommon, especially in upscale urban areas in Canada to see avid “polers” – solo or in groups…

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3 years ago

Keep an Outside Mindset When You Travel After 60

Are you in your mid-60s? Do you have a few chronic diseases?

This combination changes the travel equation.

Why not look at how you like to spend your days at home and apply this to travel? At my home, in small town Manitoba, Canada, I let the days unfold. I don’t make big plans. I walk or cross-country ski close to home every day. I do this because I like it, but also because the research says this is good for me.

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3 years ago

A Million Reasons to See the Trees with New Eyes While in Naples, Florida

If you are spending time (with or without chronic disease) in Naples, Florida you may be unaware of why you feel so darn good most of the time. You may think it is the good company, the warm temperature, the beach, the tennis, or the golf. And this may be. Read More

3 years ago

Living with Chronic Illness? A New Christmas Tree Mindset Approach Helps to Age Well Regardless

Have your Christmas tree traditions changed over the years? Many of my friends have opted for artificial trees for ease and cost. This, at first, does make sense since they use the artificial trees year after year. Read More