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Wendy Walleigh is a former high tech marketing executive who moved to Africa in 2006 to volunteer for TechnoServe, an international economic development organization, where she developed women’s micro-enterprise programs. Ms. Walleigh is co-author of From Silicon Valley to Swaziland: How One Couple Found Purpose and Adventure in an Encore Career. Visit her site at
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Boomer Role Models for the Millennial Grandchildren
5 years ago

Boomer Role Models for the Millennial Grandchildren

By  •  Mindset

We women in the Boomer generation have always been pioneering role models for our children. The majority of us have had successful lives – in our careers, at work, at-home, or both. We have a great many skills, knowledge, and experiences as well as time now to offer. Read More

My Encore Career in Africa
6 years ago

My Encore Career in Africa

By  •  Travel

After a long but profitable career in high tech marketing and sales, I wanted to have more impact on people’s lives while still using the skills, knowledge and experience I had acquired at work. But how to reinvent myself? Read More