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Wendy Walleigh is a former high tech marketing executive who moved to Africa in 2006 to volunteer for TechnoServe, an international economic development organization, where she developed women’s micro-enterprise programs. Ms. Walleigh is co-author of From Silicon Valley to Swaziland: How One Couple Found Purpose and Adventure in an Encore Career. Visit her site at

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9 years ago

Boomer Role Models for the Millennial Grandchildren

We women in the Boomer generation have always been pioneering role models for our children. The majority of us have had successful lives – in our careers, at work, at-home, or both. We have a great many skills, knowledge, and experiences as well as time now to offer. So, now it is time for us to become role models for our millennial grandchildren, nieces and nephews, to show them how we/they can benefit the world. Let’s bring the generations together to do good in the world…

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9 years ago

My Encore Career in Africa

After a long but profitable career in high tech marketing and sales, I wanted to have more impact on people’s lives while still using the skills, knowledge and experience I had acquired at work. But how to reinvent myself? Read More