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Be a Style Sensation! Explore These 4 Must-Have Accessories for the Fashionable Woman Over 50

By Sixty and Me March 28, 2019 Beauty

Fashion is all about being a woman and having fun with who you are. Today we talk about the four accessories you just can’t live without.

Margaret Manning of Sixty and Me and style expert Jodie Filogomo team up to discuss a great way for the mature fashion-conscious woman to punch up her wardrobe – accessories. Read on, and don’t forget to watch the interview!

Scarves – Great Style Can Be a Cinch

Scarves are a great and inexpensive way to add color and interest to your wardrobe, yet some women shy away from this versatile fashion accessory because they don’t know how to wear it.

Take heart! Jodie says you don’t need to know 100 ways to tie a scarf; one or two will work just fine. Of course, if you want to be more inventive, there are lots of YouTube videos, that will show you multiple ways to wear scarves, from simple to complicated.


Think your neck is too long or too short? Scarves can come to the rescue here as well. A long neck can be camouflaged with a tight-fitting scarf, while a shorter neck can be lengthened with a draping scarf. All in all, this accessory can’t be beat for impact and affordability.

Necklaces and Earrings – Don’t Be Afraid to Go BIG

Necklaces and earrings are a great way to add interest and sparkle to a plain ensemble. Jodie advices that large earrings can be especially striking. Since mature women often wear their hair shorter, they may feel they shouldn’t wear large earrings. Not so! Shorter hair just lets those great earrings stand out more.

Women over 50 may also have a problem with elongated earlobes so heavier earrings would not sit correctly. Fashion for mature women comes to the rescue in two ways: lighter earrings made of silicone, leather, or tassels, and large plastic backs that allow for more support.


Purses – Get Noticed with Terrific Totes

Why have a boring purse that just carries your stuff when there are so many wonderful, exciting options? Choose a purse you love, urges Jodie, even if you think it might be “too young” for you. Who says women over 50 shouldn’t carry a cute kitten bag?

Purses can also be works of art, covered with embroidery, or cunningly stitched from various fabrics. Go for the “wow factor,” says the fashionista You’re sure to get compliments and that is an open door to starting conversations and meeting new people.

Who knew fashion for mature women could make the world a friendlier place?

Shoes – Rules No Longer Apply

Shoes aren’t just a great fashion accessory; they are literally the foundation of your wardrobe. You rely on them to hold you up and protect your feet from the ground you walk on.

Driven by fashion for women over 50, there is a new trend confirming that shoes don’t have to be uncomfortable to be stylish.

Sneakers in great patterns and metallic colors are definitely a testament to the marriage of style and comfort. Sneakers aren’t just for shorts or gym clothes anymore, so go ahead and pair them with a dress for a fun, youthful look.

Jodie also suggests another great look in footwear this season – the ankle strap shoe. Not only are these shoes pretty, but they also add an extra measure of support so mature women can actually wear higher heels than they might otherwise be able to.

Worried about the strap making your legs look shorter and less slim? Just let that rule go and enjoy your pretty, feminine shoes with jeans.

Do What Feels Good to You!

We all have different levels of comfort when it comes to attention. Some of us love to be in the limelight, others just like to blend in. You can choose your accessories accordingly – from simple pearls to a dramatic collar necklace. Do what makes you feel good and enjoy yourself as you express your own personal style.

What is your favorite accessory? How many ways do you know to tie a scarf? Do you like bold accessories or a subtler look? Tell us what you think! Join the conversation!

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