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Beatlemania is BACK!

By Sixty and Me December 20, 2018 News

When the legendary English rock band, The Beatles, first came on to the scene in late 1963, their rise to fame was swift and they went from being famous to being uber-famous to invoking a fan following that became known as ‘Beatlemania’.

‘Beatlemania’ was used to define the incredible hysteria and high-pitched screaming that the rock band elicited from fans at concerts, appearances, and just about any time that they were spotted in public.

And earlier this week, when two of the revered band members reunited on stage in London, Beatlemania was quickly in full-effect once again.

A Star-Studded Reunion

Sunday evening, Paul McCartney, 76, was performing his Egypt Station show at London’s O2 Arena to a jam-packed and enthusiastic audience when someone spotted one of McCartney’s old bandmates, Ringo Starr in the audience.

Almost immediately, fans took to social media, sharing photos of Starr surrounded by adoring fans.


But it didn’t stop there – it turned out that Starr wasn’t the only celebrity that turned up to support and experience McCartney in concert. Soon, fans recognized Roger Daltrey from The Who and Ronnie Wood from The Rolling Stones as also being in the audience!

As if seeing one Beatle in concert wasn’t enough for the adoring fans at Sunday’s concert, McCartney eventually invited his past bandmate, Starr, and fellow musicians, Daltrey and Wood, on to the stage to perform a special rendition of the Beatles track, Get Back…and the crowd went WILD.


Social media lit up as fans Tweeted and posted about the mini-reunion that they were treated to.

Someone on YouTube commented: “It’s always great to see Paul and Ringo playing together.”

Another said: “Paul McCartney w [with] Ringo Starr. A little Beatles reunion. How sweet!”

A third added: “Amazing! So wish I was there.”

Even McCartney’s daughter, Stella McCartney, took to Instagram to share a photo from the star-studded night that she was happy to attend, saying, “Emma Thompson a couple of Beatles a stone and moi… kick ass tonight dad x Stella.”



Stella isn’t the only Beatles-offspring that prompts Beatlemania nostalgia though – check out the photo that the late John Lennon’s son, Sean Lennon, and McCartney’s son, James McCartney, posed for and posted earlier this year – they are the spitting images of their fathers!



Although The Beatles no longer exist as a band in the same way that they did in the ‘60s, it would seem that Beatlemania is still alive and well, living on through the remaining band members and their children!

Are you a fan of the Beatles? Were you ever able to see them in concert? What is your favorite Beatles song or album? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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