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Happy 69th Birthday Lesley Hornby – As Twiggy, You Inspired the Swinging Sixties!

By Margaret Manning September 18, 2018 News

We all know Twiggy, the English model, actress and singer, who became a symbol of the “swinging sixties.” She was only 16 when she became widely popular and her thin frame, short hair and big eyes look took the world by storm. She was named “The Face of 1966” by the Daily Express and voted British Woman of the Year. 50 years later, she is celebrating her 69th birthday! Let’s wish her all the best.

Her modeling career lasted for only a short time, but, she become a worldwide star. Twiggy, born, Lesley Hornby, went on to enjoy a successful career as a screen, stage and television actress and judge on America’s Next Top Model.

After four years of modelling, Twiggy retired, in 1970, saying, “You can’t be a clothes hanger for your entire life!”

Twiggy’s Modelling Career Was Just the Beginning

After her modelling career ended, Hornby found new ways to reinvent herself. She started new businesses and explored her passions. Few people know that she tried her hand at signing, although she never achieved mass market success.

Along the way, Lesley has her share of challenges. Tragically, she lost her first husband to a heart attack, which strongly influenced her perspective on life. She later became a voice for older women and is celebrating her 69th birthday today.

One of the ways that Lesley is helping to break aging stereotypes is by working as a model for Marks and Spencer in the UK. The company has developed a unique fashion line, exclusively for women over 50. She is living proof that fashion for older women does not need to be boring.

In addition to being an advocate for older women, Lesley is passionate about animal welfare issues. She has also been recognized for her support of breast cancer awareness groups.

Lesley is a positive example to our community for several reasons. For starters, she is relaxed and open about the aging process. She is not embarrassed by her aging body – and nor should she be! Of her beauty regime, she says, “I’m not fanatical about anything. I just commit to keeping my skin clean and I never sleep with my make-up on. I eat very healthily and drink lots of water. I moisturize intensely.”

Let’s all send Lesley Hornby a big thank you for her great contribution to fashion across our 6 decades.

Happy 69th Birthday Twiggy! What do you think about Lesley Hornby’s contribution to style and fashion over the decades? What did you think about Twiggy when you were younger? Has your opinion of her changed over the years? Please join the conversation and “like” and share this article to keep the discussion going.

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