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5 Strategies to Authentically Engage with Facebook Followers and Simultaneously Boost Brain Power

By T. Kari Mitchell September 15, 2020 Health and Fitness

Do you have a Facebook page? Facebook is a great way to stay connected with family and friends. And during these unpredictable times, Facebook offers an outlet for networking within special groups. But there could be another impressive benefit.

Have you ever wondered how Facebook can stimulate your brain?

Perhaps you haven’t been as active as you’d like on Facebook because you can’t think of anything to share, so you just hop on periodically and react to certain posts. Or maybe you’re worried about spending too much time on it.

Don’t just engage idly on Facebook – put your posts to work! Make great connections, stay in touch, and exercise plenty of executive functions at the same time.

First Things First

I have some juicy ideas that can not only help you become more authentic on Facebook and make your posts pop, but also stimulate your thinking processes.

But first, establish some healthy boundaries. Prioritize!

Decide how often you want to be on social media. If you don’t have set guidelines for your interactions, you could get sucked in for hours and neglect your life goals and other commitments for personal development.

Set your sights on a strategic plan for your social media engagements so your time is well spent. On the days you plan to visit your friends on Facebook, use this approach: Scroll through your feed. Love on your buddies. Visit your favorite pages or groups. And type comments when inspired.

Now for your conscious, cognitive plan: Establish a positive presence on Facebook by crafting thought-provoking messages that shine. As you ponder original and interesting content, you’re stimulating your brain. Remembering, planning, and executing your compelling ideas require forethought and practical strategies.

Here are my five ideas to capture the attention of Facebook friends while boosting your brain power.

Fabulous Photos

When posting family photos or pictures of yourself at an event, add an enticing title or caption and description. Tell your followers something special about the photo.

If you’re sharing an image of something that has captured your attention, like a lovely garden, explain where you are and what motivated you to post the photo. Or create a short poem that describes your picture.

You could also invite others to follow your progress on a home improvement project. Don’t forget to tag your buddies when applicable.

You’ve just started a lively discussion. And you’ve tapped into a variety of cognitive skills, like planning, imagination, critical thinking, and more!

Thoughtful Quotes

An easy way to get attention and begin a conversation on Facebook is to post a quote. When preparing your quote, make sure you include the author’s name. And most importantly, add interesting text.

Tell your friends why the quote resonates with you. Write a line or two explaining its significance. What’s the underlying message? At the end, include a question that will encourage dialogue. This task requires concentration, critical thinking, imagination, and more. You’re boosting your brainpower!

Book Notes

Perhaps you belong to a book club or are enjoying a great read independently. Tell your Facebook friends about it. Share the book cover, and in your description, include a tantalizing passage from a chapter, explaining its significance. Rate the book and justify your score.

Or how about this: Post comments on where you are in the book a few times during the week with a cliffhanger, and then evaluate the entire book on the last post. You’ll keep your followers on the edge of their seats, and spark interest from others who have read the same book.

Your brilliant brain is performing impressive mental calisthenics: strategic planning, memory, evaluation, and more!

New Recipes

Have you recently prepared a yummy dish? Create a name for your delectable delight, snap a photo and include the recipe in the “What’s on your mind?” section of Facebook. Add a few comments and fun nutrition facts about your choice of ingredients. This is one way to make your friends salivate.

Spoon-feed your followers with delicious bites and invite them to a virtual cook-in. Flatter your grey matter by serving a gourmet platter. Creativity. Imagination. Expressing your thoughts through writing. All heaping measures of masterful mental power!

Eternally Grateful

For what are you most grateful? Perhaps you are high on life and love loving. Or maybe you have recently recovered from a particularly challenging season and are thankful for everyday blessings.

Be bold. Step outside your comfort zone and videotape a fifteen-second clip telling why you are grateful today. Nothing elaborate or rehearsed – a short, heart-felt message recorded and ready to go. This could be your regular Thursday thing!

Content that evokes the emotions can be powerful. Being vulnerable and personal will surely inspire others. Don’t forget to include a statement about your video. Videotaping and transcribing your recording involve analytical thinking, organization, creativity, and many decision-making skills!

Be Creative and Stay Connected

By now you’re probably considering more ways to authentically bump up your engagement with your Facebook community, while stretching your mind. These ideas can be applied to other social media platforms.

Have fun as you play with your Facebook entries, but be mindful of the time you spend on social media, and balance your participation with your other personal obligations. Stay connected with family and friends by creating intriguing posts that will uplift and engage your followers, and increase your higher-level thinking skills.

How do you engage with your Facebook followers? Can you think of other ways to improve your posts that will also challenge you mentally? Do you feel you’re spending too many hours on Facebook? How can you reduce your time on social media, engage with followers, and still have ample time to pursue your passions? Please share below and let’s have a conversation!

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