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Breeze Through the Holidays in Comfortable Plus Size Clothing

By Stephen Hadley November 21, 2016 Makeup and Fashion

Can comfortable plus size clothing really help you to survive the holidays? You bet! You just need to know what to look for.

What’s your favorite part of the holiday season? Getting together with family and friends? Delicious meals with loved ones? Time away from work to appreciate the things most important in life?

Regardless of what you love the most, you can probably think of the worst parts of the season: the long shopping lines, the stress of preparing for each event. It’s not always easy.

Your clothing can have quite an impact on how well you survive the holidays. Use these suggestions to create beautiful plus size clothing outfits and stay ready for anything.

Stay Comfortable with the Right Plus Size Clothing

The holidays can be stressful enough. Don’t make things worse by worrying about how your clothes fit. Plus size clothing for the holidays should be comfortable and easy. Choose basic layers and well-fitting separates to create easy to wear outfits.

This is easier said than done. There are lots of special events during the holiday season – religious services, fundraising dinners, and posh parties – that require formal attire.

Here’s the sad reality: When it comes to clothes, formal and comfortable don’t usually go together. It’s even worse for plus size clothing. How can you stay comfortable even if you must don formal wear?

Simple, Yet Formal

comfortable-plus-size-clothing-1Don’t complicate your formal plus size clothing. Take simple, classic pieces and use clever accessories to take them up a notch to dressy attire. You’ll look elegant and chic while still staying comfortable. Here’s an easy way to do it.

Start with a basic black tank top and slacks. Darker colors feel more formal and are best for the cooler months.

Add a dressy plus size jacket. Since your basics are simple and black, have some fun here. Try a separate with a creative texture, an intriguing color, or eye-catching shine details. Roomy sleeves are best; remember, you want to stay comfortable. An open front jacket offers the advantage of staying open and light while also creating a slimming vertical line.

Finish with stylish accessories. Pull out the colors of your jacket with complementary accessories. Keep them understated and simple to maintain formality. Traditional gold or silver jewelry is always tasteful and elegant.

Elegant and Low-Stress Outfits

comfortable-plus-size-clothing-2The perfect combination for the holiday season is elegant, yet low-stress. An outfit that looks amazing but makes you feel self-conscious is no good.

Things only get more stressful when you factor in travel matters. Packing, traveling and getting settled in your destination is rough stuff. Don’t make it worse by dragging along uncomfortable clothing.

Low-stress also means low-maintenance. Some women save their most high-maintenance, difficult to launder and iron outfits for the holidays. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Worried that your outfit will seem too plain and dull? No way! Leave the complicated, multi-layer nonsense ensembles to the women who haven’t developed your level of classic elegance. Simplicity is empowering and beautiful. It goes underappreciated in modern life.

Enjoy Every Moment of the Beautiful Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Shouldn’t you enjoy every moment? Don’t let travel, stress, or an uncomfortable outfit ruin even one second of your holiday activities. Remember that formal can still be comfortable. Don’t sacrifice fit or comfort just to be dressy.

Combine classic basics with dressy separates for a simple, yet elegant look. Choose one centerpiece of your outfit – like a plus size jacket or tunic top. Use dressy accessories to create a more formal look.

Enjoy! You look amazing!

If you want to try some of our plus size clothes, we are offering a 10% discount for our Sixty and Me sisters on our Etsy Shop.

What are your favorite holiday fashions? Do you have certain items you enjoy bringing out especially for the season? How do you manage to still look – and feel – amazing despite the stress? Please join the conversation.

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