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1 month ago

7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Casual Outfits as a Modern Mature Woman

Culture is trending more casual than ever before. Men and women used to dress up just to go downtown and do their shopping. Now – at least in some parts of the world – it’s not at all unusual to see folks shopping in their pajamas…

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2 months ago

What Are the Best Dresses for Older Women of Every Size and Shape?

Fashion should be – and is – for everyone. The idea that only the youngest, thinnest women deserve all the style attention is dead wrong. And thankfully, there are more options available to women of all ages, sizes, and shapes than ever before…

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5 months ago

5 Ways to Express Confidence in the Way You Dress

As women get older, society tries to sap them of their confidence. Unfair! If you’re a confident woman in your 40s, 50s, 60s – really, whatever age you are – then you deserve to celebrate it in the way you dress. And if you feel like you’re lacking some…

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7 months ago

How to Look Elegant on a Zoom Meeting

Meetings, lunches, paint nights, parties… there’s so much happening on Zoom these days. And while it’s wonderful to be able to connect with friends and family virtually, there are drawbacks too. Honestly, who enjoys staring at themselves during…

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8 months ago

It’s Time to Dress Fearlessly and Throw Out the Plus Size Style Rule Book

Remember the last time you put on your favorite outfit and loved it? But then you had a nagging doubt… “Can I really get away with this at my age? Am I just too big to make this work?” If you let this type of fear take over, it will dictate your…

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9 months ago

What Your Clothing Colors Say About Your Personality

Fashion is about self-expression. You choose outfits that appeal to you. You desire that your clothes say something significant to the world around you. At Generous Fashion, we know that the clothes that you choose say a lot about your…

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10 months ago

Why Wearing Classic Clothing After 60 Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Ever feel like your wardrobe is in a rut? You grab the first thing you can reach and throw it on. You look… OK. But you’ve been wearing the same old outfit for years. Sure, it’s a classic look. You really can’t go wrong with a classic. Right?

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11 months ago

3 Ways to Look (and Feel) Your Best While Staying at Home

Staying at home most days? Sick of staring at the same surroundings? If so, welcome to the club! Now more than ever, you need reasons to feel good at the beginning of each day. And your sense of fashion is here to help! Instead of giving up…

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1 year ago

Plus Size Fashion Tips: Finding Sleeves to Flatter Every Figure

Finding the perfect plus size top isn’t easy. You have to deal with the shoddy selection in local stores, or compare styles and prices across dozens of online retailers. Either way, it takes some time and patience. Part of the problem is that…

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1 year ago

4 Ways to Dress Up Casual Summer Plus Size Clothing

Even in the current pandemic situation, summer is full of fun outdoor events. Picnics and lunches. Brunches and garden parties. Casual gatherings that make summer such an exciting, enjoyable season. Read More