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What Your Clothing Colors Say About Your Personality

By Stephen Hadley August 09, 2022 Beauty

Fashion is about self-expression. You choose outfits that appeal to you. You desire that your clothes say something significant to the world around you. At Generous Fashion, we know that the clothes that you choose say a lot about your personality.

Science Digest described a revealing study in which students were told to put on a lab coat that belonged to a doctor. When they did, they were instantly able to focus and maintain sustained attention better.

There is also research indicating that the more powerful we consider the type of clothing we are wearing, the more powerful we feel.

Color does much the same thing. It sends feedback to our brains. Wearing our neutral colors makes us feel safe. Wearing brighter, bolder colors makes us feel more extroverted, alive, and engaged with the world. The science behind the relationship between color and mood is extensive.

It is true that perceptions of colors and their meaning are somewhat subjective. Cultural factors must be considered as well. But here are some of the traits and qualities commonly associated with colors.

Learn about the magic of color and what it says about your personality, and you can always present your best image to the world.

The Power of Color

In reality, our color choices are limited only by ourselves and what we believe in. The world is made of magnificent and wonderful colors!

More than 2,000 years ago, the Chinese and Egyptians used colors to heal and influence the body. Today, there exists a sufficient number of studies on chromotherapy proving the relationship between the body and colors.

If colors create positive space and influence the energy and mood in our homes, we should be able to use the same principle in our own style.

Black for Sophistication

Sophisticated, stylish, and classic. Every woman should have her little black dress. It’s authoritative and strong while staying elegant. Beware, however, of getting caught in the trap of an all-black wardrobe.

For instance, some plus size women fixate on dark colors for their slimming effect. It’s true that black gives you a naturally slimmer silhouette and can be quite flattering. But don’t limit yourself. Use black to express one aspect of your personality, not to hide all the color you want to share.

Gray for Balance

Neutral, subtle, and balanced. Adding a touch of gray to your outfit makes you stand out for all the right reasons. It falls between two stark, dramatic colors – black and white. So, gray is great for complementing striking pieces with a neutral tone.

Don’t add too much gray to your wardrobe, though. A totally gray outfit can make you look washed out, leaving you with a sad, dull vibe. Use gray sparingly to appear confident and sophisticated.

Pure Jill Embroidered A-Line Tunic at J.Jill

Pure Jill Embroidered A-Line Tunic at J.Jill

Blue for Positivity

Peaceful, tranquil, and positive. Blue can make you look independent and clever too. Soothing tones of blue give off an easy, relaxed vibe, much like the open sky. During spring and summer, bright blue hues can brighten up your wardrobe. They give it fresh life after a long winter.

In the cooler months, use deep, earth-toned blues to accent your look. Deep, cobalt blue feels independent and dramatic. It isn’t defiant, but you can’t help but take notice.

For a softer effect, use light blue, aqua, and turquoise in your wardrobe. They offer the tranquil feel of blue without the stronger traits.

East West Sheer Floral Poncho at Chico’s

East West Sheer Floral Poncho at Chico’s

Purple to Command Respect

Rich, royal, and artistic. The richness of purple doesn’t just express wealth. It also reveals a deep personality, a fulfilling inner life, or a strong creative spirit.

Intense purple harkens to the kings of centuries past. It grants you a regal air that demands respect and attention.

Plus Size Lattice-Trim Split-Neck Top at Macy’s

Plus Size Lattice-Trim Split-Neck Top at Macy’s

Red to Go Bold

Intensity, dominance, and passion. If you love to wear red, you are probably an extroverted, outgoing person.

A red dress makes you the center of attention – and can be quite a sexy look. Want to go bold? Choose scarlet.

Lace-Sleeve Sheath Dress at Macy’s

Lace-Sleeve Sheath Dress at Macy’s

Pink for Youthful Energy

Energetic, jovial, fun. Lighter reds and pinks express a slightly toned down version of the red intensity. Pink is full of youthful energy but charged with fun instead of the sensual passion of red.

Linen Scoop-Neck Maxi Dress at J.Jill’s

Linen Scoop-Neck Maxi Dress at J.Jill’s

Yellow Adds Inspiration

Cheery, intelligent, and bright. Yellow is an inspiring color that can help you keep a positive focus. Spend the day with a friend who wears yellow and things are sure to feel a bit brighter.

Cotton Button Front Shirt at Talbot’s

Cotton Button Front Shirt at Talbot’s

Orange Goes Social

Creative, social, and ambitious. Wearing orange makes you the life of the party.

Orange draws in others for conversation and other social interactions. This entertaining, outgoing color is great for extroverted women. You’ll always make an inviting and unique social statement with a bold orange outfit.

Women's Zebra-Print Tiered Maxi Skirt at Macy’s

Women’s Zebra-Print Tiered Maxi Skirt at Macy’s

Green for Life

Natural, healing, and calm. Green is the color that surrounds you in nature. For Americans, it’s also the symbol of success and money.

Wear green to appear charismatic and charming. People will be drawn to your natural, down to earth style. Darker tones reflect the forest or precious gems. Lighter greens are refreshing and full of life – like tropical water or fresh flowers.

Satin Damask Print Maxi Shirt Dress at Chico’s

Satin Damask Print Maxi Shirt Dress at Chico’s

Brown as a Complement

Reliable, authentic, and well-grounded. Brown is the color of the earth beneath your feet. It exudes stability and confidence.

A beautiful color for fall fashion, brown is easy to accent with other earth tones. Beige, tan, and cream give off a similar vibe and are easy to pair with complementary colors.

Pure Jill Hemp & Cotton Knit Seamed Tunic at J.Jill’s

Pure Jill Hemp & Cotton Knit Seamed Tunic at J.Jill’s

White Says Confidence

Clean, fresh, and new. Wearing white takes confidence. It tells the world, “I’m taking a fresh look at things. I’m ready for anything.”

Others will view you as positive and courageous when you wear white. Don’t think of it as dull or plain. White is simple yet powerful.

Gingham Tiered Midi Dress at Nordstrom’s

Gingham Tiered Midi Dress at Nordstrom’s

Work Color into Your Wardrobe

You do not need to overhaul your wardrobe to introduce color into it. A few pieces or accessories such as shoes, bags, scarves, and jewelry can change your usual look. Imagine wearing an all-black ensemble and adding a bright fuchsia bag or sunglasses with a red frame!

It actually isn’t that difficult to find great color pairings. You can always go back to your basic color wheel and check for complementary colors, contrasting colors, and adjacent colors.

What Color Best Suits You?

Of course, you shouldn’t define yourself by one color. But you probably have that one blouse or dress you love to wear. It just feels right. Because it’s the color that suits you best.

Take note of the colors the people around you choose to wear. Learn about them by the clothing they select. You’ll enjoy each interaction that much more.

If you want to try some of our plus size clothes, we are offering a 10% discount for our Sixty and Me sisters on our Etsy Shop.

What colors do you love to wear? Why? What is a new color you are excited to try? Please join the conversation and share your passion for color!

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