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3 years ago

3 Ideas to Help You Add Stunning Fall Colors to Your Mature Plus-Size Wardrobe

The crunching of dry leaves under your shoes. A chilly breeze that makes you shrug your shoulders and zip up your jacket. Fall is here! Read More

3 years ago

What Should You Do with Business Clothing After Retirement?

After decades of hard work, you’re approaching retirement – or maybe you’re already there, congrats! It’s going to be great – you’re already daydreaming about all you’ll do. But what about all your business attire? Will your clothes retire too? Read More

3 years ago

Avoiding the Traps of Matchy-Matchy and Monochrome with Your Plus Size Clothing

Have you ever seen someone wear an outfit that matches too much? They meticulously planned every piece of that outfit. They were going for a constant flow of style. But it’s just too much. Read More

3 years ago

Separating Size and Style: 3 Ways to Find Plus Size Clothing that Won’t Limit Your Clothing Choices

Do you like to be compared to fruit? Or a geometric form? How do you feel when you hear “pear shaped” or “rectangle”? It doesn’t exactly instill positive feelings. Read More

4 years ago

Be Fabulous After 50! 5 Ways to Ensure Your Clothing Sends the Right Message

If your clothes could speak, what message would they be sending the world? Hopefully it’s something positive, like:

“Take me seriously. I’m a force to be reckoned with.”

“I love life and live every day to its fullest.” Read More

4 years ago

Why Handmade Clothing for Women Over 50 Makes All the Difference

How would you describe yourself? A copy cat? A sheep, blending into the herd, indistinct and dull?

Didn’t think so. Read More

4 years ago

The 3 C’s of Fashion After 60: Fighting the Stigmas of Age and Weight

“You dress like a Grandma!” Have you ever heard someone being accused of that? It’s not usually said in a positive light. And if you’re a grandmother, it comes across even worse…

Read More
4 years ago

Colorful Plus Size Tops for Your Tropical Getaway (Or Just Lounging in Your Garden!)

Fiji. Hawaii. The Caribbean. Your own back yard! Regardless of where your tropical paradise vacation takes you, you’ll want to look your best – and it’s all about color. The tropics bring out the fun in everyone. Let it show in the way you dress. Read More

4 years ago

4 Ways to Stay Cool, Comfortable and Stylish in Warm Weather

Women over 60 want to be stylish – but also comfortable in their outfits. The weather can quickly shift from cool to warm, leaving you wishing you had something different on. Read More

4 years ago

How to Choose a Flattering Kimono Jacket and Other Style Over 50 Tips

Want to add fashionable layers to your ensembles? Worried about clashing patterns or adding excessive weight to your outfit? You don’t have to if you use these tips to incorporate stylish kimono jackets into your wardrobe. Read More