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4 Ways to Stay Cool, Comfortable and Stylish in Warm Weather

By Stephen Hadley July 05, 2017 Beauty

Women over 60 want to be stylish – but also comfortable in their outfits. The weather can quickly shift from cool to warm, leaving you wishing you had something different on.

And to be honest – the weather isn’t the only thing affecting your temperature. When you suddenly start feeling warm, you don’t want to be stuffed under a heavy outfit.

Do you want to stay comfortable and cool in your casual outfit? Controlling your look with stylish layers is critical. You can add layers on cooler days when you think there is no chance to overheat. With layers, if your temperature changes your outfit can change with it.

Give yourself the flexibility to adjust with your body. Layer a loose fitting plus size blouse over an easy tank top. When things start to heat up, open the blouse and let some much needed air reach your skin.

Do you want to be sure your layers have the desired effect? Use these tips to create flexible outfits that you can adapt both to the temperature and your needs.

plus size fashion over 60Know the Fabric

Be smart about which fabrics you choose for your wardrobe. Synthetics are great for easy care and durability. But they’re not always great for the heat. Not only do they smother the skin, synthetic materials are very unforgiving. They let everyone know you’ve lost your cool.

Some polyester and rayon fabrics are especially difficult in the heat because they are non-absorbent. If you get too warm and start sweating, synthetic fabrics are not going to lend a hand.

Natural fibers like cotton and linen won’t suffocate. They give your skin the freedom it needs to breathe. These airy fabrics help you cool down when the weather gets too warm.

plus size fashion over 60Also, natural fibers are absorbent. When you are losing the battle with heat, natural fibers help you hide it. If you are a bit overheated, your simple plus size cotton shirt and comfy linen skirt will hide the evidence, leaving you comfortable and stylish.

Silk is another go-to natural fabric great for dialing back your internal thermostat. Plus, silk just feels good. It is elegant and functional.

A silk blouse glides over your skin with the smoothness every woman craves. Its beauty isn’t a sign of weakness. Silk is a hard working fabric that can weather the heat and take in unwelcome moisture quickly. If your temperature is rising, no one has to know. Silk has you covered.

Lighten Up on Accessories

Watch out for heavy accessories around your neck. Bulky necklaces and colorful scarves have their place in any wardrobe. But not when you’re trying to calm a heatwave. Those accessories can go from glamorous to stifling in a matter of seconds when the temperature starts to rise.

Leave your neck free and cool by switching necklaces and scarves out for other accessories. Try fun hair sticks or bright hair clips and combs to add flare to your ensemble. Paired with an off-the-shoulder cotton top, you’ll achieve a cool and classy look.

Don’t Let Your Clothes Crowd You

plus size fashion for women over 60Loosen things up a bit. Go for a flowing, elegant look that stays stylish without stepping over into sloppy territory. Choose tops and bottoms that sway and move with you. Avoid anything that feels clingy and stifling.

You love your favorite pair of jeans – who doesn’t’? But give them a rest when you want to stay cool. For a casual, relaxed look, try a sweeping maxi skirt or a plus size flare mini. Combine that with your favorite cotton tee, and you’ll crank up the casual style while you crank down the heat.

Cool and Flexible

Stay flexible while creating beautiful outfits for warm weather. Leave yourself room to adjust to how you feel.

Remember to pair cool fabrics with lightweight accessories. You will achieve comfort and style while you beat the heat.

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What are your favorite clothes to wear in hot weather? How do you dress to stay cool in the summer months? Please join the conversation below!

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