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The 3 C’s of Fashion After 60: Fighting the Stigmas of Age and Weight

By Stephen Hadley September 13, 2017 Makeup and Fashion

“You dress like a Grandma!” Have you ever heard someone being accused of that? It’s not usually said in a positive light. And if you’re a grandmother, it comes across even worse.

Just because you have a few grandkids doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly lost your sense of fashion or deserve to be the object of a joke.

Since when have women in their 60s become nothing but boring old grannies sitting around in rocking chairs, knitting and wearing boring clothing?

You’re a beautiful, mature woman. Embrace the endless fashion options that are open to you.

We know that stigmas about age can be hard to fight. It’s even more difficult if you wear plus size clothing. While some attitudes are changing for the better, too many people think of plus size women over 60 as unfashionable.

Prove them wrong! Follow these 3 C’s of fashion, and fight back against those false, negative stigmas.


As we get older, our confidence in what we wear is constantly under fire. How you feel about yourself on the inside will shine through in your clothes.

Don’t be afraid to put on that slinky black dress, and always remember how you rocked it in your heydays. If you feel it… others will too!

Much of our confidence comes from our thoughts. As you walk in a restaurant to meet friends for a late lunch in that new tunic you just bought, what goes through your mind?

Think positive! I bet those friends are thinking… “Where did she get that? It looks great on her!”

Or maybe it’s a bit more formal, and you are hoping to dress to impress. Even the best outfit will lose its shine if you don’t truly believe you can pull it off.

Stand up, take a deep breath, and strut your stuff with an air of confidence. Others will see it, and you will feel great!


One thing that will give you that extra boost of confidence is feeling good in what you put on. You should always be comfortable in what you’re wearing.

If you just can’t pull off that slinky black dress, it’s ok. Go with a comfier flowy dress. It will show off your curves and make you feel amazing.

Avoid clothes that make you feel confined or are just a little too clingy. Don’t think you need to hide your body with your clothes. Show off your curves. Remember, confidence!

Look for clothes that bring out the positive in your figure, yet are kind to the areas that are still a work in progress.


Last – and certainly not least important – is color. We all have our favorite color, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Remember, older doesn’t mean duller!

Avoid colors that make you look washed out. Go for a color that contrasts with your skin and brings out a confident glow from within.

When we talk about color for plus size women, the story is always the same. The lackluster stock of many clothing stores would have you think that all you have to choose from is ugly prints, boring greys or a depressing black.

Prove them wrong, and grab something with some pizzazz! A little sparkle or a splash of color is all you need to shake things up and create an unforgettable look.

Prove the Haters Wrong

Don’t forget the three C’s the next time you’re feeling frustrated by others’ negativity. Confidence, comfort and color!

Don’t just stick with the norm or what you think others are expecting you to wear. Choose the outfit that exudes confidence, makes you feel great and has a color that will help you stand out in a crowd. Break the mold of what a mature woman in her 60s wears or what plus size clothing for women should look like. Just say no to being boxed into someone else’s stereotypes.

Use your good taste to show everyone that no matter how old you are, or what size you are, you still got it!

Do you have favorite items of clothing that make you feel happy and vibrant? Are you comfortable and confident in the clothes that you own? What do you think are the keys to fashion after 60? What are your favorite clothing colors? Please join the conversation below!

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