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3 Exceptionally Easy Ways to Stay Chic Over 50

By Stephen Hadley November 19, 2023 Makeup and Fashion

The big five-oh! 50 is a milestone – and for good reason! You’ve done a lot of living up to this point – successes and disappointments, loves and losses, joys and sorrows – and everything else along the way. That adds up to a ton of experience that has made you the woman you are today.

But Can You Still Be Chic Over 50?

Absolutely. Being “chic” isn’t about your age, your size, or even the specific outfits you choose. Chic style is smart, sophisticated, and elegant. Those are traits that come with wisdom and experience – which you have plenty of by the time you’re in your 50s.

Yet too many women feel anything but chic when they turn 50. Maybe you feel unsatisfied with the clothes hanging in your closet. “Why did I ever buy that?” you wonder to yourself.

Perhaps your body has changed as you’ve gotten older, and you’re not thrilled with your current size or shape. That self negativity can grind on you and make you think of yourself as anything but chic.

For a change, ditch all that judgement and negativity. You are – and deserve to feel – chic and stylish over 50. If you’re struggling with that, here are some ideas to help you show off your chic self.

Show Off Your Favorite Color

Take a look at your closet. Is it filled with darker colors and neutrals? Has it become a rainbow of all different tones and hues?

Look closer – which of the colors you see is your favorite? Which is the one that you always look amazing in, the one that complements your tone and makes you feel like a million bucks?

Find that color and show it off.

One way to stay chic over 50 is to identify your own favorite – or statement – color and highlight it in your outfits. Maybe you love a bold, bright red. Great – make it stand out with a bold red handbag, fashion forward red shoes, or a red jacket layered over neutral basics to help it pop.

When you add a splash of color to otherwise neutral outfits, you create a smart, sophisticated look. That gives your attire a planned-but-not-overdone look that says, “She’s so chic.” Because, yes, you are!

Keep Things Simple

A chic, sophisticated wardrobe isn’t busy. It focuses your attention on simple, yet noteworthy details. And since a chic outfit has a smart element to it too, it draws in the eye in a stylish, natural way.

Here are some easy ways to keep your outfits chic and simple:

Staying Casual

A basic button up blouse in a neutral, solid color is a great starting point. Add a stylish jacket or coverup for layering and a bit more color. When layering, experiment with patterns over solids – like a batik kimono sleeve cardigan or a tie dye tunic.

Getting Dressy

Follow the same idea – pick one standout element of your outfit and highlight it by keeping the rest simple.

A beautiful, crimson red tunic cardigan can be the center of a perfect outfit. Keep it simple with a black skirt or slacks, then dress it up with understated jewelry. That focuses attention on the more elegant aspects of your statement piece’s chic details.

Be Yourself

It’s age old advice because it’s always been true: to stay chic, regardless of your age – just be yourself. Don’t worry about chasing trends or which colors are in or out. Instead, stay true to your own style.

Love floral prints? Great – use them to express your inner chic self.

Prefer a neutral color palette? No problem – keep it basic and throw in occasional splashes of color for a stylish pop.

Prefer to keep things casual? There’s no reason you can’t be chic too – with colorful accessories, fun prints, and plenty of confidence.

Staying chic is not about keeping up with anyone else’s style choices. It’s about expressing yourself in a smart, sophisticated way. So, highlight your favorite colors in your outfits. Keep your ensembles simple and elegant. And be yourself – after all, you’re amazing!



Let’s Have a Conversation:

What is your first thought when you open your closet/wardrobe? Are you happy with your clothes? Do you have a favorite color that you use to accentuate your style? How do you use that color? Please share with our community and let’s have a chat!

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