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5 Ways to Express Confidence in the Way You Dress

As women get older, society tries to sap them of their confidence. Unfair! If you’re a confident woman in your 40s, 50s, 60s – really, whatever age you are – then you deserve to celebrate it in the way you dress. And if you feel like you’re lacking some of the confident edge you once had, these tips can help you bring it back into your style, even in little ways.

Be Unique

Nothing exudes confidence like a unique outfit. It doesn’t have to be loud or shocking – just unique. And nothing is more unique than a handmade or custom-made garment.

You’ll never see someone out and about wearing the same cardigan as you if you ordered it from a custom designer. And thanks to online boutique shops, you don’t have to break the bank to get a unique piece.

Follow Trends

As women get older, they may feel societal pressure to stick to simple, conservative attire. Some people believe trendy styles are best left to the younger crowd.

And that nonsense is why you’ll stand out as more confident than most when – as a mature, stylish woman – you rock the latest trends. Looking for some inspiration? Social media is a treasure trove of confident, mature ladies standing out in all the right ways in today’s fashion trends.

Go Bold

Bold and confident are often synonymous. After all, a bold choice in attire doesn’t just casually attract attention – it demands it. Here are some examples:


Bright, standout colors draw in the eye, look amazing, and declare your confidence to the world. While many people think of red as the stereotypically boldest hue, there are lots of color choices you can make to express a confident streak.


A plunging neckline, a short hem, an open shoulder – these are the bold styles that blend your feminine form with your impressive confidence. There’s no shame in looking great!


From headwear to footwear, you can stun the world with your bold choices in fashion accessories. A stylish hat, an eye-catching necklace, a chunky bracelet, and a uniquely designed wedge are all easy examples.

Stick to a Uniform

Sometimes, monotony in your style choices can be a huge sign of confidence. Many successful women seem to agree – like Sophia Coppola, Arianna Huffington, Angelina Jolie, and Vera Wang. They’re all well known for having what amounts to a work uniform: a simple, easy to dress up or down outfit that they wear day in and day out.

Sticking to one standard uniform look showcases a confident knowledge of who you are, what looks good on you, and that you matter more than your clothing does. You don’t have to box yourself into just one color or designer – but keeping most of your daily outfits very similar shows that you know what you like and you’re not afraid to wear it every day.

Standout with a Signature Touch

A small but signature touch you add to all your outfits reveals thoughtfulness, creativity, and confidence. Maybe you always wear a small red bow – in your hair, pinned on your blouse, or on your shoes. Perhaps it’s a color, like never leaving the house without something blue.

This little touch makes an outfit your own – it doesn’t lock you in to always looking the same. Much like sticking to a personal uniform, creating a signature touch that goes with all your outfits makes you instantly stand out from the crowd. You are your confident self, not just another somebody.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What is your unique style? How do you maintain it? Do you have a signature touch that is easily recognizable as your own? Or do you have a uniform-like style? Please share how you maintain your personal style unique!

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Outfits are the best way to express confidence and style. Thanks and keep sharing.


I guess I haven’t been paying attention to the articles posted on this site. I thought it was a column for women written by women. While I did love this article I was surprised it was written by a man. Should this make a difference? Maybe not to most??? But it matters greatly to me. That is because only a woman truly knows what it is like to live your life as a woman. The years of a male gyno are over for me. A male counselor just doesn’t have the understanding for my needs, etc., etc. While raising my two daughters it was important to me for them to understand this concept & belief. They both have this imbedded in their character as the live their lives. In fact my oldest holds a degree in Women’s Studies.

Sorry if my comment offends anyone, most especially you Steve.


I agree with you, how odd!


The pop up ads in this article are making it unreadable! They’re out of control.


Yes, and the x in the upper right hand corner of ad is half cut off so you can’t click on it to make it disappear!


The X on my phone is on left hand side and fully visible and able to click on.


Try rhe AdGuard app, it helps some.

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