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Can Knitting for Charity Make the World a Better Place? You Bet!

By Sixty and Me July 02, 2017 Lifestyle

One for you, one for me. That is the philosophy behind many projects and organizations that promote and encourage knitting for charity. Alternating between personal projects and projects to be donated helps women remain mindful of knitting for others.

Whether working on projects at home or together in groups, women over 60 have countless opportunities to provide warmth and comfort to individuals in need, one stitch at a time.

In today’s interview, Margaret Manning and Noble Knits founder and author Nancy Queen discuss how knitting for charity can be a rewarding pastime. Enjoy the show!


Getting Back to Basics

There is something fundamentally natural in the instinct women have to protect, provide for, and nurture others. The act of giving something homemade that will bring others warmth and comfort may sound primitive, but knitting for charity is a time-honored tradition that has adapted over the years and has embraced modern technology’s assistance without losing any of its charm.

Yarn, needles, and patterns can be purchased or downloaded online. Knitting communities can meet virtually through online chat forums and message boards. Even shipping labels for mailing completed projects can be printed from a home computer to avoid long lines at the post office.

However, the heart of giving and the hands of generosity remain at the core of each project. Women are still giving of their time and talent to help others in need. Knitting groups still meet to share in the fellowship and friendship that women have always enjoyed while sharing their craft.

Knitting for Charity: Projects with Purpose

In this interview, Margaret Manning and Nancy Queen both name charities and organizations that collect knitted items for various groups in need. Hospices, cancer centers, hospitals, crisis nurseries, homeless shelters, battered women shelters, military charities, and nursing homes are just a few potential recipients of knitted donations.

A simple search online will reveal both local and national charities that are in need of hand knitted items. Knitters can find a charity or organization that shares their same values, ideals, or goals and know that they are truly making a difference in someone else’s life.

In short, knitting for charity can be a very fun and rewarding hobby.

When it Comes to Knitting for Charity, Beginners are Welcome

While knitting is an art that many perfect over decades of practice, novices are not exempt from being able to donate their time and talent. Simple knitting projects such as scarves and shawls provide beginning knitters the opportunity to refine their knitting technique while benefitting others.

Knitting for charity also offers experienced knitters the opportunity to teach their trade to others, especially those who are younger.

For generations, older women have been teaching younger women how to enjoy this hobby and improve upon their skills. Coming together for the common cause of knitting for charity helps connect women of all ages for the greater good.

Do you enjoy knitting? What about knitting for charity? What charities do you knit for? Please join in the conversation!

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