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Let’s Fight Invisibility by Celebrating the 50th Birthdays of these 5 Celebrities

By Margaret Manning March 25, 2015 Mindset

You might wonder why I am choosing to celebrate the 50th birthdays of celebrities on a website dedicated to finding happiness and making friends after 50. After all, don’t celebrities have all the money, friends and happiness they could wish for? Perhaps, but, their lives are worth celebrating for a different reason – they can help us to fight invisibility and change perceptions about aging. 

Whether your name is Robert Downey Jr. or Robert Smith, life after 50 is a time of transitions. As our social and professional circumstances change, it is easy to feel like we are in a struggle against invisibility.

While I may not agree with every aspect of the celebrity lifestyle – and I certainly wouldn’t consider someone more “important” just because they are famous – older celebrities can serve as a counterpoint to the stereotypes about aging.

When people see 50-year-olds who are active, charismatic and stylish, their opinions about aging are influenced. Should we compare ourselves to celebrities? No. But, do they have an important role to play in changing perceptions of aging? I think that they do.

So, here are 5 celebrities who are turning 50 in 2015.

  • Robert Downey Jr. – April 4, 1965
  • Sarah Jessica Parker – March 25, 1965
  • Chris Rock – February 7, 1965
  • Ben Stiller – November 30, 1965
  • Charlie Sheen – September 3, 1965

Happy birthday guys (and gal)! I hope each of you has a fantastic 50th birthday party – just take it easy on the Champaign and caviar!

Did we miss any celebrities that are turning 50 this year? Do you agree or disagree that celebrities have an important role to play in changing perceptions about aging? Or, do you think that the unfair comparisons that we sometimes place on ourselves outweigh the benefits? Please join the conversation.

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