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Cher Surprises Fans While Satisfying Her Sweet Tooth and Proves She’s a Generous Tipper!

By Sixty and Me September 24, 2018 News

Cher, 72, is known for her incredible voice, elaborate performances, and extremely fit physique – among many other things.

And even though staying healthy is obviously a top priority for the famed songstress, everyone deserves a little bit of indulging from time to time, including Cher!

A Sweet Treat for All

After performing two shows at Auckland’s Spark Arena in New Zealand earlier this week, Cher surprised fans when she unexpectedly visited a local gelato shop, Giapo on Gore St., to satisfy her sweet tooth and try some gelato.

Cher started her visit to the gelato shop by purchasing a ‘chocolate evolution’, which features three different types of chocolate gelato in a cone. She then went on to spend some time posing for photos and chatting with the star-struck patrons and employees at Giapo.

Giapo posted a photo of Cher posing with her chocolatey cone and looking quite content with the sweet treat on their Instagram story.

Spokesperson for Giapo, Annarosa Petrucci, described Cher as being a “sweetheart” and said, “It’s just the coolest thing ever that we were able to give her a ‘taste’ of Auckland’.”

The music icon generously tried to tip the Giapo employees $100, which they politely declined, later describing their entire experience with Cher as being a “delight”.

Cher arrived in New Zealand last week and has seemed to be enjoying more than just the delicious gelato, as she recently tweeted about how wonderful it was to wake up to such a beautiful sunrise.


It’s impressive to see that the incredibly busy entertainer is taking time for things like enjoying the sunrise and indulging in a sweet treat considering that her schedule is nothing short of crazy!

In addition to kicking off an 11-show tour in Australia on September 26, she just released a new single on Thursday from her upcoming ABBA tribute album, and appeared in the musical comedy Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again!

And anyone who has been lucky enough to see Cher perform live knows that these performances simply spectacular – and likely exhausting for the artist! During her performances in Auckland earlier this week, Cher went through at least six wigs and countless Egyptian, Indian, and African-inspired costumes. She even rode in on a mechanical elephant wearing a sequined sari during one of her songs!

Clearly, Cher has hasn’t slowed down and shows no signs of doing so anytime soon!

Are you a fan of Cher? Would you be excited if she walked into an ice cream shop where you were eating? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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