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Crazy Senior Dating Expectations: “Nurse or a Purse” vs. “George Clooney”

By Sixty and Me August 23, 2019 Dating

Rekindling the spark in your love life when you’re over 50 might not be as easy as it used to be, but it’s not a far-fetched reality. The senior dating scene has its fair share of crazy scammers looking for a nurse, a purse, or a George Clooney.

Building healthy relationships isn’t easy at any age. Now more than ever, you need courage, patience, and a whole lot of advice to navigate the modern senior dating scene. Joining Margaret Manning today are Lisa Copeland, founder of Find a Quality Man, and Ken Solin, author, columnist, and dating coach.

“A Nurse or a Purse”

Older men often tend to let themselves go when they reach a certain age. Instead of caring for themselves, they will look for a nurse (someone who can do it for them) or a purse (someone who can take care of their financial needs).

Of course, not all men are like that. The stereotype does run both ways. But certainly, women are more cautious than men about dating because of it. Whether you’re looking for a partner who can give you a fun time or someone who can grow old with you, it’s important that you get to know them first.

Find a partner who shares the same interests as you. If you’re young and able to explore the great outdoors or a foreign country, date someone who’s willing to share new experiences with you, not someone who only needs a chaperone to his next doctor’s appointment.

If you’re hoping to build a healthy, lasting relationship, you should date someone who is in the same physical and financial place as you are.

“George Clooney”

Far too often, boomer women enter the dating scene with unrealistic expectations, hoping for a Prince Charming or a George Clooney. Dating someone whose expectations can’t be met is a terrible idea as it will surely end up with two unhappy and disappointed parties.

“I thought you would be taller” seems like a harmless remark, but it conveys disappointment. It doesn’t make a good first impression. Certainly, if your date is genuinely looking forward to getting to know you, your remark might make them feel that pursuing a second date would be pointless.

If you’re dating online, you can always browse a potential partner’s profile. Look into their preferences and interests, and determine whether you make a good match. Do all your research before deciding to go on a date so you won’t waste your time and your date’s efforts.

Instead of waiting for your George Clooney, give potential partners a chance. Who knows? You might finally find a gem in a sea of scammers. You might even rediscover the joys of dating.

Have you tried online senior dating as well? How do you handle these unrealistic expectations? Join us in the discussion below. Click the like button and share this article to help other women navigate the confusing world of dating after 50.

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