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6 Ideas for Creating Cash Flow and Escaping Ageism in the Workplace

It’s interesting to note how governments are universally at pains to promote the employment of the over 50’s. They aim to keep them working as long as possible.

Is this to prevent governments having to pay pensions? Or are they beginning to understand that people over 50, are no longer old? Personally, I think it’s the former.

There are people who are learning the hard way that the amounts of money they are retiring on will not provide them with the lifestyle they want in retirement.

For most people the solution is to keep working. There are government initiatives in many countries that offer boosted wage subsidies for employers hiring people over 50. Yet many older workers have difficulty finding work with a salary commensurate with their experience, wisdom and expertise.

Does this apply to those of us who are over 60? I believe it does. There are many women over 60 who struggle financially. This includes women on their own.

For whatever reason, they don’t own their own home, have little savings, and even less chance of making an income. If workers are subjected to age discrimination over 50, imagine what it must be like for those over 60.

What are the solutions? Here are just a few suggestions for using your life experience to create your own cash flow in your sixties.

Be a Doula

A doula is defined as “a woman who gives support, help, and advice to another woman during pregnancy and during and after the birth.” This involves using your experience as a mother or grandmother to help families with a new baby. You support the mum-to-be during her pregnancy and often after the birth too. There are agencies you can contact to offer your services.

Consider Tutoring

Do you play a musical instrument? Or speak another language? Are you a talented writer? Whatever your skill, make money from it by tutoring people or groups and charging by the hour.

How About Ironing?

Well for this one you really have to love ironing! But if you can iron a basket of crumpled shirts with your eyes closed, you can provide an ironing service. No one likes to iron these days, so it could be the answer to your cash-flow problems. You do it all from your own home and the set-up costs are minimal. You will be surprised at how many women would love somebody to do their ironing for them!

Try Housesitting

Housesitting is recommended a lot, and by many people. As far as I’m aware, you do not get paid for house sitting. However, you do get to live rent free, sometimes for long periods of time. There is often get a car thrown in. If you love animals, it’s a great way to live and you may even be able to find work at a local coffee shop.

If the idea of house sitting makes you nervous, apply to a company such as Trusted Housesitters. They are international and offer housesitting opportunities all over the world. There is a fee to join.

Cash In On Your Hobby

If you have green fingers or love to bake, why not sell your baked goods at a car boot sale or even a local shop? If you’re retired, offer your gardening services during the week, when other part-time gardeners may be unable to work.

Do anything from basic upkeep of gardens to pruning and planting flowers and start by gardening for friends and neighbors. Ask them to spread the word for you so that you can get paid work!

Consider Dog Walking

Make a little money, get plenty of exercise, meet new people, enjoy the companionship of wet noses and unconditional love!

Rent a Spare Room

If you are living somewhere with a spare room, consider renting it out. Be very clear about the ground rules and interview applicants. Airbnb is a great organization for this because they do it all the background checking for you. Also, there is no opportunity for a renter to skip without paying since with Airbnb they pay in advance.

If you have any other options you would like to share, we would all love to hear them. I have used Airbnb, Trusted Housesitters. In fact, I’ll be staying in Zurich for Christmas! I am walking dogs in Florence (I miss fur babies!), and I have started my own travel organization. For me, 70 is just around the corner, but I’m enjoying it all.

Have you experienced ageism in the work force? How have you found ways to create some extra cash flow in your sixties? Please join the conversation below.

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