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Dating in This Time of Social Distancing – Is It Even Possible? You Bet!

By Lisa Copeland April 28, 2020 Dating

In today’s age of Corona, dating can feel pretty scary, and just the thought of it might make you want to give up on this dream forever. I hope you won’t. There are ways you can still date and be around male energy while staying safe. It’s a matter of shifting your mindset to how it has to look to meet a man.

Online Dating Basics

Naturally, Online Dating is the best way to meet men these days, and the bonus is that dating sites include the largest number of single men over 60.

My clients and I work together every day to make sure they have great pictures and a good profile and what happens is they end up having fun dating and meeting all types of new and interesting men they date virtually.

Choose Platform

To get started with virtual dating, all you need is a smart phone or computer. You can use Face Time (Apple), Google Duo (Android), or get a free Zoom or Skype account.

Prepare Your Looks

Before the call, put on a little makeup, a cute top (dressing up a little bit can also be fun since we’ve pretty much been hanging out in sweat clothes for a month), a great smile, and a mindset of “I’m going to meet a new and interesting man and just have fun getting to know him.”

Decide on Stage Props

Virtual dates can be over coffee or tea or you can do a virtual Happy Hour with your favorite glass of wine. I have a client that is having fun doing virtual dinner dates that break up the monotony of eating meals alone every night. Get creative here and enjoy this new type of dating.

Virtual vs. Phone Dating

Meeting virtually versus talking on the phone is important too, because you get to see each other which gives you far more body language cues. If you like each other and decide to do it again, this is an opportunity to get to know someone on a whole different level than you would have in the past.

It’s like dating the old-fashioned way of our parents and grandparents – building a friendship first without throwing the chemistry element in too quickly.

Where Is the Chemistry?

Now here’s the caveat. You may not feel chemistry or instant attraction when you virtually meet. Part of this is because you can’t touch or kiss, and it’s that physical connection that often bonds you.

But chemistry can cloud your judgement about whether a man is a good fit for you. When there is physical contact, you can bond too quickly and can end up mixing lust with a heart connection.

So, don’t throw away the guy ‘cause you’re not feeling it right away. Take your time just enjoying his company. Men become sexier and more attractive to us as we come to appreciate their personalities.

Have Genuine Fun

It’s important to just enjoy the male companionship. You can have fun flirting and laughing as you get to know each other. And, release whatever expectations you may have of how your virtual date has to turn out.

This man might make a great friend to hang out with in the future when neither of you has a date. It would be a great way to stay around male energy. Or he could make a good boyfriend or husband. Either way, this is a fun time to just get to know and enjoy men. Let me know what you think.

Have you continued dating in this time of physical constraints? Are you reserved or open to dating online? What is your experience so far? Please share in the comments below!

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