Good Morning! Let's Start a Conversation!

I feel kind of strange writing this post, because, for the first time in my life, I don’t have a pet. For decades, my family was filled with cats, dogs, mice and an ecosystem’s worth of more exotic animals. Now that I live by myself and have started prioritizing travel, I don’t have any pets. That said, I know how much joy animals can bring to our lives. If I wasn’t so busy, I would definitely bring another furry friend into my life! Let’s talk about the special creatures in our lives. Please tell us what your dogs or cats means to you. Come join us for a cup of tea (or coffee) and a chat. And, if you enjoy the show, please tell one friend about us today. Your support means so much to me!

Do you have a pet? What is their name and what do they mean to you? Please join the conversation and tell one other woman about Mornings with Sixty and Me today. The more the merrier!

Let's Have a Conversation!