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Don’t Just Lose Weight After 60! Keep It Off and Never Be Hungry

By Carol Stanley October 24, 2019 Health and Fitness

Weight loss diets are a big business in our country. There are so many books and diets on the market it could make your head swim.

For the most part, losing weight is simply burning more calories than you consume. However, experts have turned this simple idea into a very complicated process, which has led to lots of people getting rich with their original ‘new diet’ to lose and keep weight off.

Dieting After 60

Going on a quick weight loss diet when you are young is usually accomplished quite easily. You cut back on calories, or you go on one of those quick weight loss diets, and the pounds often disappear quickly. The older we get the tougher it is to lose those extra pounds.

Going on vacation and splurging is great, but coming home to tight fitting clothes is no fun. Retirement often creates more time which we happen to interpret as more time for cooking and eating. Additionally, there’s always the possibility of dining out more often.

As we age, our metabolism does slow down as well as our ability to get out there and work off the calories with vigorous exercise.

My Personal Commitment

Many years ago, I came home from college to find an angry mother. Her words have burned in my heart, “You have put on weight and you look fat.” I had gained 10 pounds and was not fat – well maybe a little round. She took me to the gym and put me on a diet of cottage cheese and other low-calorie foods.

I lost the 10 pounds and promised myself never to gain back weight as I hated being forced to diet and exercise. I came out lucky that throughout the years I only put on weight while pregnant with my two sons.

Resisting All the Temptation

I must admit that eating healthy is very easy for me as I have a sweet tooth that is satisfied by fruit.

I decided long ago that nothing tastes better than fitting into your clothes. And, it is a scary moment when you get on the scale at the doctor’s office and find out that you have gained several pounds, even with your shoes off.

I’m sure you’ve heard many lectures on healthy eating throughout the years. How can you resist a piece of that newly baked pie or walk by a plate of chocolate chip cookies? And let’s not forget that afternoon pick-up when you need some energy. You take just one cookie or maybe two – but who is looking?

The good news here is that once you pass up on the sugar stuff you will feel so self-righteous and may develop a new habit of not giving in to temptation.

My Best Suggestions for Staying on Track

I have put together a list of actions – some old and some new – that have helped me cope with weight gain through the years. I am not one of those people who can eat everything without gaining weight, but I made a commitment to myself, many years ago, that I was going to grow old thin.

So, I’ve had to be careful with what I eat. Many people will follow just about any diet to lose weight. The love of the quick weight loss is still alive and well. However, after going on one of these diets, many of us simply cannot wait to be off the diet to go back to our old ways of eating. Sound familiar?

  • Keep temptation (food related) out of your house.
  • Eat only when hungry. Monitor this on a regular basis.
  • Avoid random eating.
  • Stop eating before you get full. Wait about 15 minutes before indulging in a second helping. You may be surprised to find out you don’t want it.
  • Keep healthy snacks in the house.
  • You can make heathy and wonderful meals without bread, creams or starchy veggies, and they will still taste great.
  • Don’t get sucked into whole wheat bread and pasta and think you won’t gain weight.
  • Drink lots of water as it fills you up and rehydrates you.
  • When hungry have a glass of V8 Juice, low on sodium, and add your spices.
  • Eat very hot peppers and you won’t want to eat (just kidding about this).
  • Treat yourself once a week to something delicious and wicked.
  • Eating sugar on a regular basis causes addiction just like any other addictive substance.
  • Have a love affair with soup.
  • Avoid non- and low-fat foods (too much sugar, water or additives).

My mother-in-law had a lot of wisdom that she often shared. One of her favorite sayings was, “Nothing stimulates the appetite like eating.”

What are you doing to lose weight, keep it off and never be hungry? What healthy habits are you establishing in your life? Please share them in the comments below.

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The Author

Carol Stanley has many interests in life including writing, reading, cooking, biking and speaking. However, she feels most passionate about her painting which she says keeps her centered and content. Her art appears on Fine Art America at You can also visit Carol’s website at where her book, Feel Better Every Day, is available for sale.

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