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The Best Dual-Purpose Furniture for Your Living Space

By C. Coles July 18, 2021 Lifestyle

I love IKEA. I have loved it since I first heard the store name on an old episode of Trading Spaces on the TLC channel. When I say I love it though, I am not talking about the meatballs in the cafeteria or the cute, little, blue, shopping bags.

I mean I love the sleek European-inspired furniture that is either appropriately sized for a cottage home or serves a smart dual purpose. (Sometimes both!)

Take the NORDEN gateleg table for example. Small, neat dimensions make the table easy to place, even when space is limited. When the leaves are dropped down, the table acts as a storage tower with 3 drawers on either side. When the leaves are up, the table seats 2-4 adults while still allowing the drawers to be used. It is so cute and so clever.

The NORDEN isn’t the only dual-purpose furniture available, and IKEA is not the only place to make or sell it. In fact, there are a few more pieces that are go-to, dual-purpose if you are looking to save space in a cottage home or any home.

For the Bedroom

In the early part of the 20th century, an inventor named William Lawrence Murphy “was falling for a young opera singer and courting customs at that time would not permit a lady to enter a gentleman’s bedroom.” He quickly went to work on an idea that would allow his bed to be stowed away in his closet, transforming his one-room apartment from a bedroom into a parlor.

Little did he know he was creating the Murphy Bed, a quintessential dual-purpose furniture piece. Granted, it’s only technically “used” as a bed, but when stowed away it gives the homeowner back floor space which can be used for many things.

For the Home Office

Due to COVID-19 and a stay-at-home order, I spent quite a bit of time working from home this past year. In a smaller home though, there is little space to make a dedicated workspace, let alone an office.

Fortunately, several companies sell a Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table. Not only are these tables a home storage cabinet, suitable for a kitchen, a bathroom, or even a bedroom, but also as a laptop workstation.

For the Book Lover

Do you love books like I do but simply don’t have room for another great paperback? Don’t really care for digital readers but not sure where you can keep another tome? Step back. Look up. Chances are you probably have at least one doorway in your home with a little extra space above it. I know I do.

Now’s your chance to turn it into something useful. I found a simple shelf and brackets at my local box store and rested it on the trim work directly above my bedroom door. Voila! Within minutes I had a new mini library. A second shelf may allow for another library near another door. Such a perfect use for space that often goes unnoticed altogether.

For the Blanket Lover

I run a little cold, so I rarely watch television without a fleece blanket. I don’t like how messy my couch looks with a blanket just tossed on it or over it. Instead, I put it in my ottoman. One footstool provides both comfort and convenience.

I’ve seen Storage Ottomans in a number of stores, ranging from arts and crafts locations to hardware outlets. They are so clever and have become a staple in home furnishings.

What about your home? What dual-purpose furniture do you have? Are there any you consider a must-have? What do you use them for? Please share with the community!

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The Furniture Gallery

This article on dual-purpose furniture is an excellent read! It’s truly fantastic to witness how furniture can seamlessly serve multiple functions, optimizing our space and resources. Thank you for sharing!

Sleep Center

Hello Coles! I appreciate the way you highlighted the importance of maximizing space and having versatile furniture in smaller living areas. The featured pieces are creative and functional, making them ideal for modern living. Overall, this is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to create a practical and stylish living space. You nailed it!!

The Author

Ms. Coles enjoys helping people discover the value of living life over maintaining things.

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