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14 Top Family Christmas Gifts

By Sixty and Me October 18, 2022 Family

Are you looking for gift ideas to offer a whole family? That can be quite challenging because each family member has different tastes and hobbies. Your children and grandchildren certainly all have different interests, right?

  1. The Adventure Challenge Scrapbook
  2. Personalized Family Mugs
  3. TABLETOPICS Family Edition
  4. Fire Pit
  5. DNA Genetic and Ancestry Tests
  6. Matching Family Pajamas
  7. Board Games
  8. Personalized Celebrity Video
  9. Family Photo Puzzle
  10. Movie Poster
  11. Home Movie Projector
  12. Family Tree Chime
  13. Write and Publish Your Family Book
  14. Record Life Stories

We’ve put together a list of some fun and creative gift ideas that you can give a whole family this Christmas. Gifts certainly don’t have to be expensive to be thoughtful, and quite frankly, gifts that involve more of an experience than a thing tend to be more meaningful.

The Adventure Challenge Scrapbook

This scrapbook offers 50 opportunities to create fun memories with your family while doing things you’d never think of. Pick a category, scratch off a hidden challenge, and complete whatever is revealed. For example, bake a cake together with a blindfolded person while another person reads the instructions. They have different editions available–couples, friends, and family.

Personalized Family Mugs

Personalized Family Mugs

To each his or her own mug. These personalized mugs let you create a mug for each family member. Choose from an array of body types, hair color, skin tones, clothing type, and colors.

Each family member’s name is added on the front, and the family name is printed on the back. Finally no more arguing over who has used your mug and not washed it up!

TABLETOPICS Family Edition

TABLETOPICS Family Edition

This great idea is a box set of cards with questions to start great conversations between family members. The questions are specifically designed to engage the kids in the conversations. Some questions are funny, others are more thought-provoking.

A sure-fire way to learn more about each other.

Fire Pit

Gather your family and get cozy around a warm fire in your backyard. Prepare cups of tea or hot chocolate and share stories together. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

DNA Genetic and Ancestry Tests

DNA Genetic and Ancestry Tests

DNA and ancestry test kits map out the ancestral history of each family member. Discover where their DNA is from across thousands of regions in the world. They’ll discover people who share their DNA, from close family members to distant ones all over the planet.

Let them travel back in time to gain a clearer picture of where they came from, where their ancestors lived, and exactly when they lived there.

Matching Family Pajamas

Matching Family Pajamas

Matching family pajamas can be fun and make for great Holiday family portraits. They don’t just have to be for the humans in the family however, pets can get in on the action too!

Game Night Gifts

Board games and multiplayer games are super fun for families. Get the kids off of their individual video games and get them playing with the whole family.

Here are a few ideas for family games to make game nights more exciting.

Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition

Watch Ya' Mouth Family Edition

This hilarious game will have everyone in stitches. Players try to pronounce wacky phrases while they have retainers in their mouths.

Hedbanz Picture Guessing

Hedbanz Picture Guessing

A great game for all ages is Hedbanz. Players try to guess what the image on their headband is by asking yes/no questions to their fellow players. A really easy game even for the younger kids in the family.

Personalized Celebrity Video

Surprise your family with a personalized video from a celebrity! A variety of celebrities, from music legends to reality TV stars, create and sell personalized videos.

A Family Photo Puzzle

A Family Photo Puzzle

Have a family photo made into a puzzle. Everyone loves puzzles! Choose how many pieces and the difficulty level you want the puzzle to be.

100 Movies Bucket List Poster

100 Movies Bucket List Poster

The family can easily schedule movie nights and choose a movie by scratching off a square on the poster. No more fighting over what movie to watch!

Home Movie Projector 

Watch all your favorite movies together at home with this projector that has wireless WiFi and Bluetooth connections and built-in speakers.

Family Tree Chime

Family Tree Chime

We love this hand-made personalized wind chime. Have all the family members’ names engraved in each leaf on the chime. Beautiful and melodious.

Write and Publish Your Family Book

Preserve your family’s memories in a book. Every week for a year your family member gets an email with a question. They answer the question and it goes into a compiled printed book at the end of the year. 

Record Life Stories

Family members get interviewed and a professional podcast-type recording is created to share with loved ones.

If you’d like to choose individual gifts for the women closest to your heart, check out these ideas!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you have any more Christmas family gift ideas? Share your ideas in the comments. Let’s have a conversation!

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