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Famous Women Turning 60 in 2014… and Why They Should Join Sixty and Me!

By Margaret Manning January 22, 2014 Mindset

It took me 3 years to fully be able to admit that I was sixty years old. I think it’s hard for a lot of women to accept that we’re getting older – after all, 60 has the sound of a “big number.”

Many of us might be in disbelief that the years have flown by as quickly as they have – or we might be absorbing certain cultural messages that make women feel self-conscious about our age or about our appearances as we get older.

That milestone birthday however, is not quite so easy to hide for celebrities who live in the public eye. This article reveals that quite a few female celebrities that we have admired and respected for years are now entering their 7th decade. I love how that sounds!

Some of the most beautiful women like Kim Basinger, Rachel Welch and others have been sixty for a few years now and Jane Seymour has also just made the leap. The 62-year-old actress was recently seen celebrating her beautiful bikini body in Hawaii. I personally believe that we should all be proud of our bodies regardless of waist size, but Ms. Seymour certainly demonstrates her confidence in style.

In fact, I would argue that women turning 60 years old have an opportunity to declare their enhanced and intensified beauty, intelligence and wisdom. As Cindy Joseph reminded me in our interview, being 60 years old just means we’ve had extra time to become more beautiful, confident, intelligent, and yes more sensual!

Celebrities do enjoy some kind of timeless aura and they never seem to age. However everyone has to face that moment of truth. Perhaps the most famous media female icon of all, Oprah Winfrey, is one of the celebrities turning 60 this year.

She claims she’s never felt better. In fact she says “I approach this milestone, the landmark of 60, with humility, supreme thanksgiving, and joy.” The actress Katey Sagal, who starred in the long-running U.S. sitcom “Married with Children,” is also turning 60 this year.

There are even rumours that that Ms. Sagal could be cast as the next Bond girl with Daniel Craig. This would make women over 60 around the world smile. Actress Ellen Barkin also celebrates the big 60 in April. She is best known for her role in the movie “Diner,” also had a successful career as a director and later, a Broadway career. But now she joins the Sixty and Me community demographic! We welcome them all.

60 is not the new 50 – it is the new 60!

This is the message of the Sixty and Me Community! We are not in denial of our age or reluctant to speak our minds. We acknowledge our age, remove cloaks of invisibility, build community and support one another.

It is wonderful to see so many well-known celebrities over 60 coming out quite openly and joyfully about their age. They join millions of women around the world who have made the leap, and we wish them all a very Happy Birthday! Perhaps they would even like to join the Sixty and Me Community… what do you say, ladies? You’re welcome to join the club of women over 60 who are reinventing themselves, living bigger lives, and renewing the world with each passing year.

What would be your advice for celebrities who are turning 60 this year?


Watch my interview with the inspiring Suzanne Braun Levine.

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