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Fashion for Older Women: A Comprehensive Video Series


Do you have a passion for fashion? Then, you’ll love our new fashion for older women video series! It’s time to find a style that makes you look and feel your best!

Join fashion expert, Melanie Payge and Margaret Manning, founder of Sixty and Me, as they explore the world of fashion for older women in beautiful Milan, Italy.

If you want to update your style, so that you can look and feel your best, this video series is for you! Introducing…

An Exclusive Video Series on Fashion for Older Women


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Dear friend…

Margaret ManningMy name is Margaret Manning and I am the leader of Sixty and Me, a community of 150,000 women over 60. I started Sixty and Me because I wanted to help other women over 60 to live happy, healthy and financially secure lives.

One of the biggest myths about older women is that we no longer care about how we look. It’s almost as if society believes that women over 60 are invisible, frumpy, and uninterested in sensuality, beauty and fashion. What nonsense! Some of the most fashionable people I know are women over 60.

In fact, in some ways it is easier to be fashionable when you are a bit older. After all, in your 50s, 60s and 70s, you know who you are. You have the self-confidence to try new things and the wisdom to avoid the “trends.”

I want women my age to be proud of their bodies and their sense of personal style. I want each of us to choose a look that makes us feel amazing. That’s why I partnered with Melanie Payge to create this fashion for older women video series.

Melanie is amazing! With 35 years in the fashion industry, including experience with Chanel, Cartier and GQ Magazine, she is a treasure trove of tips and useful information. Melanie is also honest, practical and caring. Like me, she genuinely wants women to look and feel their best.

So, let’s get started! Let’s stand up for our right to be seen!


Baby Boomer Women Are Unique. So Are These Videos…

Since starting Sixty and Me, I have had the opportunity to talk with so many amazing women over 60. During this time, I have come to the conclusion that women of our generation are special. You are the most passionate, curious and intelligent women that I have ever met.

When I asked the members of our community which videos they wanted me to produce next, the overwhelming response was fashion. So, these videos really are for you! That’s why every aspect of this video series was designed with you in mind. I believe that these videos are so special because they are…

  • Designed for women who are living dynamic and vibrant lives in their 50s, 60s and beyond
  • Respectful of our right to express our individuality, but honest about the fashion challenges we all face as we get a little older
  • Designed to help us adapt our style to our changing skin tone and body shape
  • Delivered by a top fashion expert, with 35 years of experience in the industry
  • Filmed in beautiful Milan, Italy – the fashion capital of the world
  • Packed with real examples of older women receiving fashion advice




We’ve Created 21 Fabulous Fashion Tips Videos, Just For You…


When you join Melanie and me on our journey through the amazing world of fashion for older women, you will discover:

  • What is different about fashion for older women
  • Numerous practical fashion demonstrations to help you get the look you want
  • The 4 wardrobe essentials that every woman over 60 should have
  • How to spice up your wardrobe essentials with jackets, shoes and accessories
  • Fashion tips for specific body types: “petite, no waist,” “broad shouldered, rounder,” and “pear-shaped” women
  • Dealing with the most common body concerns older women face when it comes to fashion: flabby arms, dropping knees, wrinkly neck.
  • How to adjust your color choices to your changing skin tone
  • How to use accessories, scarves and belts, to get the look you want after 60
  • Tips for creating lifestyle looks for different scenarios: “Business Executive”, “Classic and Elegant”, “Casual and Creative”
  • Insight into what to do and what not to do when it comes to fashion for older women

Enjoy this – and MUCH MORE – in our 21 video series!




Ok, But, What Exactly Do I Get?


Melanie and I have worked hard to create a video series that has a lot of useful and practical fashion advice, delivered in a fun and entertaining way. Here’s what you will receive:

Video #1: Wardrobe Essentials: The 4 Items Every Woman Should Have

Video #2: 6 Style Tips for Older Women

Video #3: Spicing Up Your Wardrobe Essentials with Amazing Jackets

Video #4: How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Wardrobe

Video #5: Dealing with Common Body Concerns After 60

Video #6: Address Your Perceived Flaws with Your Wardrobe Essentials

Video #7: Tailoring Your “Essentials Dress” to Your Body Type

Video #8: Lifestyle Looks: Business Executive

Video #9: Lifestyle Looks: Classic and Elegant

Video #10: Lifestyle Looks: Casual and Creative

Video #11: Fashion “Faux Pas” for Older Women

Video #12: Body Types: Fashion Tips for “Petite, No Waist” Women

Video #13: Body Types: Fashion Tips for “Broad Shouldered, Rounder” Women

Video #14: Body Types: Fashion Tips for “Pear-Shaped” Women

Video #15: The Art of Accessorizing: Scarves

Video #16: The Art of Accessorizing: Belts

Video #17: Dealing with Perceived Flaws: Flabby Arms

Video #18: Dealing with Perceived Flaws: Wrinkly Knees

Video #19: Dealing with Perceived Flaws: Turkey Neck

Video #20: How to Choose Comfortable Shoes

Video #21: Using One Black Dress to Create Many Looks

At a Glance…



That’s 21 videos, with over 2-hours of content and plenty of practical demonstrations.


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You’re Going to LOVE Melanie Payge!

Melanie Payge on Sixty and MeMelanie and I had a chance to spend a lot of time together while we were filming this video series and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that she is the real deal!

Melanie is an internationally recognized fashion consultant and personal stylist, based out of Milan, Italy. With 35 years in the fashion business, she really knows her stuff!

Her fashion career started in New York, where she worked with Chanel. Later, she was responsible for the personal shopping of the Royal Family of Monaco and numerous VIPs. Melanie moved to Milan, where she worked as the Editor for GQ Italia magazine. Currently, she focuses her attention on helping men and women of all ages to look and feel their best.

While her resume is impressive, what I love most about Melanie is her personality. She is one of those rare people who manage to be authentic, while still being kind. She is honest in the best possible way.

I hope that you enjoy watching our videos as much as Melanie and I enjoyed filming them!



What Women Like You Are Saying About these Videos…


Sixty-and-Me---Makeup-for-Older-Women---Testimonial-3“I appreciated the videos so much!! I thought you were great! You were REAL and I liked that. I have a closet FULL of all the wrong clothes that are not flattering on me. After viewing the first few videos with you and Melanie I now have a guide as to what I should be looking for.” – Elizabeth

“I have really enjoyed watching the fashion video series. I learned a lot – especially about underwear and how to wear a scarf. I found all the videos very interesting and as usual well done.” – Emilie

“I appreciate all the effort you made to film these videos, over all they were splendid. I had been searching the web for information about fashion for our age group. I hope you’ll be able to bring us more information in the future.” – Marsha

Sixty-and-Me---Makeup-for-Older-Women---Testimonial-2“My friend and I watched the entire series. We took away a lot of ideas on dresses and the need for very well fitted clothes. I loved the Italian models and seeing the various styles they were capable of wearing.” – Judy

“I must say that I loved the videos. I like that they are broken down into short videos on different subjects, which allows the viewer to watch the videos that they feel are most important to them. Thank you so much for doing this.” – Denise

“Margaret, Thank you for all you do for our community, for all the HARD work you did to put the fashion video series together, for the valuable and helpful fashion directions they provide, and for making them available at such a reasonable cost.” – Celia

“I have looked at the videos twice and learned the importance of knowing and dressing for your body type, and how crucial to a great look tailoring is.” – Rebecca

“I really enjoyed the positive approach of the fashion videos, as well as the specific, practical advice. The accessories segment on scarves was really eye-opening.” – Brenda

Sixty-and-Me---Makeup-for-Older-Women---Testimonial-1“I am loving the fashion videos! I have picked up some great hints already. I’m most interested in the tailoring, that seems to be the secret to a good look. Congratulations, this is a wonderful service to us all.” – Jenny

“Overall, I thought the fashion videos were interesting and insightful. I watch in shock as my body continues to change in shape and dimension due to age and genetics, but I learned that I am not at all alone in this, and I was reminded to accept myself as I am, to try to work with the positives.” – Nancy

Sixty-and-Me---Makeup-for-Older-Women---Testimonial-4“I appreciated the videos and would have been happy to see several more on fashion. Having live models was helpful to illustrate the tips that were given for different body types. I loved the way you summarized the points being made every once in a while. Melanie P. did an excellent job. She appeared very competent and gracious.” – Maurine

“I enjoyed viewing your videos Margaret. It is a wonderfully relaxing way to learn about fashion from informed sources in the comfort of one’s home.” – Kathleen




Are You Ready to Join Me?


Are you ready… to learn the latest fashion tips for older women?

Are you ready… to find your personal style?

Are you ready… to have fun, while learning how to look your best?

I am too! And that’s why I created this program.




For a Very Limited Time, Save Over 80%!


Filming this fashion for older women video series with Melanie was an absolute blast, but, it wasn’t cheap. Over the last few months, my team and I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars preparing this video series for you.

When I talked with other entrepreneurs, they recommended that I charge at least $100 for these videos. Some even recommended that I charge much more than this since there really isn’t anything else like it around. I disagree!

I believe that every woman our age has the right to look and feel fabulous. That’s why, for a limited time, I’m going to make all of these videos available, as one program, for just $19. That’s more than 80% off of the recommended price.


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There’s One More Thing…


If you have been following the Sixty and Me community for a while, you know that I don’t do things because I want to make money. I spend 100’s of hours a month working on Sixty and Me and I do it because I want to help as many women over 60 as possible to live better lives.

I invested over $5,800 and 200 hours producing this fashion video series. I had to use a lot of outside help, especially with filming and editing. The series was also filmed in Milan, which involved significant travel expenses. I always try to make at least a few videos free for our community members, but, if there is any way that I can recoup my costs for these videos – this will help me to continue to make great content for all of you.

The videos really are amazing! I’m sure that you will learn many new things. I know I did!


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Wait! I Still Have Questions!

Based on my experience with the other videos that we have released, I’m sure that you have questions. That’s totally ok! I want you to have all of the information to decide if this fashion video series is right for you.

Question: What if I don’t like the videos? Do you have a guarantee?

Answer: Of course! With our last set of beauty videos, we didn’t have a single person request a refund. But, if you really don’t like the videos, just send an email to info (at) within 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

Question: Why are the videos so cheap? Are they still high quality?

Answer: Great question! We actually struggled with this quite a bit. On the one hand, we probably could charge quite a bit more for these videos, based on their high-quality level and the depth of the content. The truth is that we want as many women to benefit from them as possible. That’s why we’re keeping the price low. For the price of a book, you can have a 21 video series, with plenty of practical examples.

Question: How do I get the videos?

Answer: Within a minute of purchasing the videos, you will receive an email that has your login details to our secure customer website. Once you login, you will have access to all of the videos (and a few surprises!)

Question: What happens if I can’t get access to the videos online?

Answer: Don’t worry! We won’t leave you hanging. If you have any trouble accessing the videos, just send us an email at info (at) and we’ll help you out.

Question: How do I know that it’s safe to purchase these videos online?

Answer: It’s certainly a fair question. There are plenty of horror stories out there and we certainly respect your desire to be careful. We use a secure payment system that is supported by and Sixty and Me LLC is a registered company, based in Switzerland and we value our reputation. You can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make sure that you have a positive and safe experience when buying our videos from our website

Question: I tried to purchase, but, the transaction didn’t go through. What should I do?

Answer: The most common reason that a transaction doesn’t go through is if some of your information is missing or incorrect. So, before you do anything else, make sure that you have filled in all of the fields and that your billing address and credit card security code are correct. Any errors will be displayed in red in the top of the screen.

If your transaction has been declined, please follow up with your bank. Some U.S. banks don’t automatically allow transactions from abroad, so they need to manually mark the transaction as safe (it’s coming from SIXTY AND ME GMBH, Switzerland). Or they might unblock your card if it was blocked for some reason. Alternatively, you can use another card if available.

If you are pressing the PayPal button and nothing is happening – please scroll up to see a pop-up window with instructions.


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