The Story So Far

Two days before Christmas, though the morning was chilly, Fanny went out to pick up her mail as she usually did. A single card was placed in her mailbox, with a golden ribbon tied on top.

Fanny picked up the card, both intrigued and careful. The front was a generic Christmas greeting though she did recognize the neighborhood office stamp in one corner. On the back side was a note, handwritten in a curly script. It read:

“Dear neighbor, we have set up a Christmas treasure hunt for all residents in our community. The game begins today, so gather your family ready for a walk and mask up. The first clue will be by a big red sign in the neighborhood!” (Mary Lee Olson)

Fanny went back inside to find her son Leo and her sister Emily gathering supplies to bake Christmas cookies. Emily had moved in with Fanny and Leo after Fanny’s husband passed away unexpectedly last year in a tragic car crash. (Helen Loretta)

Fanny enjoyed having Emily stay with them. Loosing Frank had changed everything, and the comforting presence that her sister brought for her and Leo was heartwarming. (Vinette Marie)

Fanny was excited about the neighborhood Christmas treasure hunt and asked her sister and son to join her! Since it was December and cold outside, she went to search for her warm soft gloves, hat, and favorite cozy coat. (Debbie Willis Saxe)

Ashes of Roses was not a color found in your typical crayon box, but it was Fanny’s favorite shade. Whenever Frank found something that resembled this lovely hue, he knew it was for Fanny. (Vinette Marie)

Emily and Leo were anxiously waiting for her on the front porch, so she quickly donned her favorite coat. Pocketing her hat and gloves, Fanny headed towards the front door. She would have to reminisce at another time. (Vinette Marie)

As the three of them walked down towards the street, Leo told the ladies that when he got off the school bus yesterday afternoon, he saw a red sign a couple blocks away in Mr. and Mrs. Snyder’s side yard, but he didn’t read it. They quickly strolled in that direction in hopes that that was where their adventure would start. (Carla Pelfrey)

The brisk cool air quickly brought a chill around them as they quickly rounded the corner of their street. They could see a young mother and her three young children, along with Fanny’s next door neighbors, Dennis and Judy, standing at the red sign. You could hear them all talking and pointing in different directions, which indicated that they were definitely headed to the start of this game. (Carla Pelfrey)

Gathered in huddle formation, a strategy was underway to begin the Christmas Treasure Hunt. Twelve red signs with twelve clues. “Just like the song; The Twelve Days of Christmas!” Judy piped. (Vinette Marie)

Where to begin? With this thought, Fanny noted a card fastened with a gold ribbon much like the one she had found in her mailbox. She reached behind the red sign, and retrieved their very first clue. With anticipation, Fanny loosened the ribbon of gold, and began to read the curly script. “Ornaments of glass are so pretty to see. Your next clue is a partridge perched on a pine tree.” (Vinette Marie)

… And, your turn!

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Game Rules

Welcome to the Sixty and Me Finish the Story Game. You probably know how this game goes in the usual setting…

One person starts telling a story by providing a couple of sentences to set it up. Each subsequent participant then adds to the story, until it is successfully concluded.

To make this game easy and interesting for everyone involved, here are some rules that we would like everyone to follow:

#1 The game will start on November 20th, 2020 and will end on December 24th. This gives everyone plenty of time to summon their creative muse and contribute!

#2 Sixty and Me will provide the initial story set-up (see below rules).

#3 Every day, our readers will be welcome to add one to two sentences to continue the story. This will be done as comments to a daily Facebook post that will appear on the Sixty and Me Facebook page.

#4 Only one entry per day per participant will be taken into consideration.

#5 Only entries containing one to two sentences will be considered.

#6 Please, take note that entries which do not add to the story, or are somehow offensive, will be disqualified.

#7 Only one addition will be made to the story each day.

#8 To keep the selection fair, at the end of each day, the Sixty and Me team will run a random number generator to select the entry that will continue the story for that day.

#9 The following day, a new cycle will begin, presenting a new chance for your imagination to run wild.

#10 Please note that your entry for the new day will need to be based on the story development from the previous day.

#11 You don’t need to sign up anywhere to participate. Everyone in the community is welcome to play.

#12 Play every day, or once a week – the choice is yours. But the more you play, the higher the chance your snippet will be selected!

#13 Finally, have fun and open your mind to this creative game! And, you can bring a friend, too!

Editor’s Note: Please only post questions and other comments pertaining to the rules. Adding a story snippet to this page will not make you a participant in the game. If you want to play, please head over to Facebook and join the fun!

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